About Us

Hi ! I am MD A H Kawsar Er. The main admin of this website. There is a small village in Bangladesh - Chak Panch Para. I was born in this village. Actually, I am a student. At present, "Nazrul College Trishal" was educated in the science department. There was tremendous attraction for technology, as well as teaching along with technology. And this is the beginning of my online journey. Start blogging. This educational website is created with the knowledge acquired by itself. Let me name the name - Shikkhamela.com here and my colleagues present all educational and technical issues.

I always like to learn new things and learn to teach others. Having a good experience about computer, internet and blogging at the leisure internet has been a great experience. Experiences such as computer hardware, software, graphics design, wave programming, blogging etc. The thing I like about a computer is the graphics design. With this I always try my best to keep my blog in a good position.

Our other staff:
MD Manik works all the more actively under our network. She is my cousin. He always showed his creativity in his work. Especially in the case of any kind of problem on our site or for any personal work, she helped me very actively. He is very experienced in earning online. She loves to read and write blogs too. He is currently writing and writing in XI. He is known as a very meritorious student.

The future plans of this website:
We want to take the Shikkhamela.com website to a good and learning and technical platform. Creating a good quality blogging site by sharing a whole new article will be our main objective. Through our post, we give up misinforming information or waste time wastefully. We hope that with the help of your sincere cooperation, we will be able to bring the blog to a better position in future, Insha Allah
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