How to give Rollover Effect to the two blog posts?

Rollover Image Effect means that you will post two pictures separately but it will appear as a picture. The most interesting thing about it is that while the picture is shown in a picture, your second image will automatically come out as swipe or swipe. Many people think that the matter will be seen in reality, otherwise your mind is not cracked. Then I will get the proof of the picture in the picture below of this post just catching the mouse. It may seem surprising to those who are new to web development. But it's a matter of great ease. Following these steps, you can easily create this Rollover Image Effect.

For Rollover Image Effect: To copy the code below or paste in the post you want to apply. You will be able to use it anyway, in any post, static page or any widget.

<a href="Url Address"><img src="Url of the first image goes here" onmouseover="this.src='Url of the second image goes here'" onmouseout="this.src='Url of the first image goes here'" /></a>

  • Url Address: You can use your desired address. Like etc. However, you must use https: // before the address.
  • Url of the first image goes here: At the same time, you need to url the first image you want in the red part. This photo will show before swapping.
  • Url of the second image goes hereHere the url of the second image is to be given. After mowing it will show the picture or swipe.
  • That's all. thanks to everyone.

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