You can get the benefits from Facebook

Increasingly, with the spread of social media, its usage patterns Social media is limited only in expressing personal messages and expressing minds at a time, but now social media is increasing in social activities, social media is contributing. Now a number of voluntary organizations have chosen social media for their expansion, among which relatively few people use Facebook.

The role of social media for emergency blood needs

Blood banks were required to travel for emergency blood, but it was not possible to meet the required blood requirements in an inadequate and urgent need. But now the spread of social media has created a huge online blood bank. Whereas thousands of volunteers donate blood in a group of Facebook groups, and at the urgent moment of any person, they run out and donate free. The amount of money that the blood banks used to take from the men in danger at one time was greatly reduced to the role of this social media.

One study found that at present, the number of patient deaths is very low due to lack of blood in the emergency.
It is found on a true story. A few years ago, a student was diagnosed with cancer, after which it was necessary that about 80 bags of B-positive blood and most of which had been collected through Facebook. It's just an example, young people are helping to save lives of thousands of such patients, these social media mediums

Social networking role for a position against a variety of social inequalities

Now open Facebook, help different types of events, help save OMUK child, come forward to pursue the education of poor talented students, forcing them to protest against sending their parents to old age, and being warned against corruption, this is possible through social media. So social media has a very important role to play in social activities.

 Role of social media with the help of winter

At one time, there was a word that the old age was cold, but the same thing is now forgotten by people. Because every winter, in the campaign of Facebook, hundreds of young people have been distributing winter clothes to the cold weather of the country including the capital. This has reduced the death rate of older and infant children in the cold winter over the last several years. Several voluntary organizations are doing these things in their own initiative during the winter season every year. But all of them do these things.

Social networking role with the help of floods

One of the main problems in our riverine Bangladesh is flood. And during this flood, the highest number of rescue has been collected from the country, among which is Facebook. Not only this, but even through this Facebook campaign, many homeless floods are being created in many places through the money received.

Role of Social Media for street children's development

Route, we can see them only if they keep feet from the clock. Ever had time to think or think about ours? Although there are some private NGOs, there is not much active activity in their activities.

But the young people came forward. In this case, social media has a unique role. The big gifts of pedestrian education, rehabilitation, etc are seen by these Facebook activities. Which was hardly hard to do without this medium.

Social media role in cyber security and crime prevention

Voluntary cyber units are giving direct help to cyber crime crimes.
By which the Internet users can safely sink into the Internet of the Internet. In various places child abuse and its evidence has spread all over this social media and even after getting information from information received from this social network, many criminals The storm of criticism of social media about various sensitive crimes, including murder and rape, further accelerates the punishment of criminals.

Social media role in recent topics

At present, the biggest issue is the Rohingya problem, the health care of the patients escaped from Myanmar, the safe drinking water, the sacrifices, the childhood, all these activities are started through the Facebook groups, which will later be responded to the whole country and internationally, until they get help from other countries. This is the Facebook volunteer companies.

In fact, social media is not only about getting to know people as a waste of time but also to end their role. Good and bad are mixed between everything. Our responsibility is to get the good out of it and use humanity. By doing this the world will become beautiful people will be happy.

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