Whether your website is mobile friendly ? Check with Google

Those of us who have websites, they know it well that there is no good results if Google does not submit a website. Because this is done by SEO on a website and the Google site converts to the general visitor. Through which our site has become known to everyone. Which means Google search index. However, Google has some rules for submitting websites to Google, it is important that your website is mobile friendly. So, through this post we will learn about this topic, again with Google's help. So please follow below to understand the matter.

Click on this link to see if your website is mobile friendly. Then see the screenshot page below.

Type the link to your website in the box. (For example, I have given my website http://kawsar360.blogspot.com link here). Click the "Run Test" button. Then wait for a while to be loading. Verification can fill in the capsular box. 

See the green character "Page is mobile-friendly". This means that this site is completely mobile friendly. And here are two options. One is "SUBMIT TO GOOGLE" and another is "VIEW SCREENSHOT". With the first option of these two options, you can submit your website to Google. And through the second option you can see the screenshot of the site you checked here.

After checking Google, see the website's screenshot. And if your website is not mobile friendly, then you will come in the screenshot below.

See, because the site is not mobile friendly in the screenshot above, "Page is not friendly".

So be it! This way, whether your website is mobile friendly or not, then submit it to Google. So many people are able to submit their website to Google or can. So I did not mention it here. And who can not, they can get help from Google Uncle. Or if I say I will try to post a post about this topic later.

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