What is IP address? IPv4 & IPv6

All the Internet users have heard of IP addresses. But what do you know, what is IP address? What is the requirement? What are the different types of different types? In this post, I will be discussing these issues today. Let's go ahead and start talking about these fun topics quickly without further discussions.

What is IP address?
Friends, what do we all do on the internet? We all share information on the internet. You may be reading this blog using your phone or using your laptop or PC. But where is the information from this blog coming? These data are coming from a server located in a country. And you can see the information on the screen with your phone loaded from that server. Or when you see a YouTube video or visit a website, it is associated with information from different servers. Whenever you receive an email or when you send an e-mail anywhere, you also exchange information over the Internet. So that's how we accomplish the activities on the Internet, it is actually information sharing and payment.

In the preceding era, through such post and letter, we would send different information from one place to another, just like in today's age, we do the same thing through the Internet. Now think I want to send you a letter, but what do I have to do? Your home must have an address, and then it is possible to send any information about your post, by mentioning your neighborhood name, your area name, your police station, your post office, your district etc. In the same way all of you have a home address for me. Alas, depending on the place and the different countries, the type of address must be different. But since the Internet is using the whole world and the whole world receives their information from one place to another, so to get information on the Internet, a specific address or address is needed. And this particular address is the IP address. The full name of the IP address is "Internet Protocol Address". Protocol means a specific rule, that is, it will be in a certain format, it will be separated from everyone and it will use all to relate to each other.

Types of IP Addresses : IPv4 & IPv6
A common IP address consists of four sections. And each section has a limit of 255, starting from zero. This is a 32 bit-based addressing system. An example of this address is "". It has a unique address for everyone. And this common address is called IPv4 address. That is, it is the fourth number of Internet Protocol Addresses. But this IPV4 ray has some limitations. And this IPV4 can only generate just four billion unique IP [IPv4 address limit "4, 9 4, 9, 6, 626]. If you want to create more than four billion addresses then I will start generating it first. But here the subject is unique address, everyone must have Alda Alda addresses for everyone. Maybe when the IPv4 system was first created for the first time, it may not have been thought that the internet user in the world would grow so much, or one person would have 3-4 devices. So perhaps they could not imagine that just how many of our IP addresses would be needed in the future. Today's IPv4 address limit is four billion which is almost the end. And we do not have a new address at all.

And that's why we upgraded a new system, which is named IPv6. It's an addressing system of 128 bits. An example of this is "3ffe: 1900: 4545: 3: 200: f8ff: fe21: 67cf". And with the help of this addressing system, we can generate rough alarms.

IPv6 is possible to generate "340,2282366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,1111456" unique addresses. That is to say, if every human being has a few lakhs of disabilities through this system, it will not be possible to end up using unique address. But sadly, today we do not use IPv6, we only use IPv4. In order to use Kony IPv6, your internet service provider, your modem or router, and website hosting servers also need to use IPv6 together. And we do not use IPv6 till today.

Less than 1% of the world's IPv6 is used. Moreover, we all use IPv4. For your knowledge, IPv6 is not just a different addressing format. The packet size of your data, and the format of your data, the headers format, the size of the packet is also much more efficient than IPv6. And IPv6 also helps to increase your internet performance. Now it is a matter of seeing exactly when we start using this addressing system ie IPv6.

More about IP address :
If you want to check the IP address of your device, usually enter Google and go to the search bar and type "What is my IP". You will find your address in diameter, search results. There are some people who use the internet to change their original addresses, and think that no one else can trace them. In fact, it is a misconception that it is possible to trace it even if you do not use the internet without changing the address. So forget about any kind of bad things to change addressing. And that would be good for you.

You must know about all the issues of IP address. Know what it does, how it works, why it is necessary and what kind of types. If you have any more questions about this topic, please give me a comment and you must share this post with him.

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