What is Backlinks ? How much of the importance of backlinks?

What is Backlink?
In the terminology of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Backlinks means creating a hyperlink of your blog with other blogs or websites, through which the visitors will be able to visit your blog from that link. It is more easily said that Backlink means linking your own blog to another blog, meaning that your blog's url is connected to another blog.

For Example : If you have a blog and add url to your blog to someone else's blog, then you will be assumed to have received a backlink from your blog from that blog. Remember your blog name "Blogger Tricks" and the blog whose blog link "Android tricks" to your blog link - will be considered to have received a backlink from your blog from the blog "Android Tricks". In this way you will add the blog url to your blog as well as increase your blog's backlink. This is a very important thing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Backlinks are an effective part of Off Page Optimization.

  • The importance of backlinks: Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization. If you want to make your blog important and acceptable to Search Engine, you must definitely create backlinks for your blog. The more people whose blog has backlinks, the more affiliate of their blog to the search engine. Each backlinks on your blog can be considered as one vote of the blog.
  • You never want to be ineligible or add a bad person to your blog's author. Likewise, the search engines also want to put an ineligible blog in the best position of their search engine. In this case, there will be more Dofollow Backlinks on your blog. According to the Google search engine backlinks, the page rank is given by Saber Blog, meaning that the blogger's backlinks will be as good as Ranking its blog.
  • Imagine you have 100 people behind. Of these 100 people, 80% are blind, deaf and unbearable. So you can do anything with these 80 people? The answer will be in one word, no. If 20% of the people behind you are strong and qualified, then you can do anything with these 20 people.
  • Now the original thing comes from the example. Suppose you got 100 backlinks for your blog from different blogs. If not all blogs seem to be important to search engines, then 20% of the blogs must be considered as important. This 20% blog allows you to gain many benefits.
From the above discussion you can understand yourself how much of the backlink keys and backlink. But do not go to the backlink to add your blog to his blog. This can be a victim of spam.

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