Use of Nano Technology

Most of the advantages of Nano technology can be seen in the future, but in the future, this technology is helping to change the world in different ways. You might think Nano Technology is a great thing at once and it's a whole new technology-because "technology" means we think of the human technique. But our life itself is a great example of nanotechnology. Our bodies work in proteins, viruses, bacteria, cells, etc. in the form of nanotechnology.

Nano Material:
Maybe you are currently using Already Nano technology. Maybe you wear nanotechnology pants or your shirt is made in nanotechnology. Even from your bed linen to the traveling bug, it is also ready for nanotechnology. Made of nanotechnology, the fibers of the fabric are so fine that dust dust particles can not stick to it, so the cloth is much less messy. Nanotechnology is used in some branded sunscreen creams, just because the cream is applied to your skin, it only puts titanium oxide or zinc oxide overlay, so it blocks the sun's harmful ultra violet rays. Many paintings made in nanotechnology work in this way, so it is more lasting and less corrosion.

Carbon Nano Tubes is the most outstanding Nano material. As a result of its Atomic formation, it turned it into a very strong substance. It is possible to make any taller measurements in fiber drawing.

Nano Chip:
Micro Electronics is another form of nanotechnology. Typically the word "micro" is used in microelectronics because its drawing is due to the microscopic scale. But computer scientists have said that if more transistors can be used in the same place, then the size of the computer is smaller and more powerful. That's why today's computers are much smaller, much stronger and cheaper in size. Presently, computer processors are prepared by 100-200 nanometers transistor and the day is being reduced by more size and all of this is possible due to Nano technology.

Not only a computer processor, but flat screen HD TVs, smartphones, iPads, etc. all use nanotechnology to apply the chip.

Nano machine:
Another interesting aspect of Nano technology is that it is possible to create a very small machine; From gears, switches, pumps, machines - and completely different atoms. Nano machines can be made nano robots, which are called nanobots. Nyanbot can be injected into our body so that it can fight with adverse conditions.

Last word:
There is no doubt in this sentence that Nano Technology will rule more in future. However, there are also some difficulties with the benefits of this technology. For example, nanobots can cause cancer by injecting the human body. Due to the small size of the nano bot, many doctors agree that it can enter the bone with blood, so no one knows what can happen.

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