Put router to get good Wi-Fi connection in the right place!

There is a suitable place to install router to get good Wi-Fi connectivity. Maxwell equations and smartphones help this process. PhD student Jason Cole of the Imperial College of the United Kingdom found out this method.

According to the general routers, 2.4 GHz generated electromagnetic radiation and was able to create a map of Wi-Fi signals on the smartphone by measuring the electromagnetic wave flow with Maxwell equation. And it comes out of the router, which could be the place to keep. He also created an Android app that can create Wi-Fi waves maps in the same process. With the help of 'WiFi Solver FTDT', it will be possible to find the router to fit. The app can be collected from Aposto for 74 cents.

Jason Cole's Wifi Tips to Set Up:

  • The router must be placed in a central location.
  • Metallic objects can not be kept in adjacent areas.
  • Causes of concrete or brick walls.
  • Router can not be kept near the microwave.
  • Set up in high places.
  • Antennas rise upward for horizontal reach and should be sideways for vertical reach.

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