Prepare yourself to earn money without any investment Part - 02 (Last Part)

PTC's Referral:
Direct Referral: Your referral that your SIGNUP will click on the link to your Direct Referral. You can add direct links to your link on Facebook / Ptsu / Blog / Website / Ptc Site. But initially it is not easy to find Direct Referral. For this, you have to be patient if you want to succeed in the PTC site. After using 5-6 months, you will understand how to get Direct Referral. My first 3-4 months were just 1 Referral. And look at the picture below. My Referral amount is just a site.

#After 20 days you can earn $ 1. If you want $ 1 to transfer this money to the company's website, you can transfer it every day or you can transfer it every day. In this way all the sites worked,

If you increase the referrer you can increase the level. And if you increase the level then you can work on website revisions and this company has a job that is available to search and get money. The more referrals you get, the more benefits you will have, so I will say more about referring.

PTC SITE's some UNIVERSAL RULE (All PTC SITE Same RULE) ## Do not open two accounts with a computer, too. Someone is automatically referred to by a computer itself. They think they will not understand. Are they so stupid? No, when opening an account in this way you will be able to withdraw money to see your account is suspended. That means your whole work e soil. ## If you use the broadband line, then there is a bit of trouble. Because the broadband line is usually the share of IP. In the meantime, the IP you are giving is the same ip giving another. It can be seen that those lines give 300 lines in the same area. Sabire ip one In that case, if any of those 300 people use jositrust company / Neobux / clixsense, then the account of two people will be suspended.

#Do not forget to invest 1 rupee. I used to repeatedly say that before trying to understand the whole thing. Forum did the Ghataghati. Understanding everything can take 4-5 months. But many of these 4-5 months have no patience. After 15-20 days, either by clicking or leaving the account, you can not buy it. So before just double click with one click ($) withdraw. Understand whether or not you have invested or not Direct Referral Income. Or follow my formula.

You can click within 24 hours using an IP address. In other words, the account can be canceled if the cyber cafe tries to click from anywhere else in 24 hours.

If you do not use the account within 72 hours after being a member, the account will be canceled. If you do not work for 10 days, and do not work for 60 days then you will be permanently closed. So if you want to use it regularly then it is good to be a member.

Variable IP is used for many Internet connections in Bangladesh, meaning that the same IP address will be used by one at a time. So, when you click on Bangladesh, you can get the message before someone clicked the ad using that IP (within 24 hours). Besides, some links may not apply to Bangladesh.

They also have different offers that use $ 20-30 earnings examples of the day. The most preferred company is a PTC site.

 Click Here for get Part 01

Later on, I will discuss more details when I am in time. Everyone will be good. Thank you

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