Knowing unknown world is 10 strange phenomena, whose true mystery may never be known

1. The Bermuda Triangle: The Bermuda Triangle is one of the mysterious places for ages. Even today, people can not reveal the mystery, why is it not possible to find any passenger ships or aircraft near it? Why do people encounter all the strange experiences? Some researchers believe that under the sea there are people living in other planets, they are responsible for all these events. Many people think that for some strange reason, a door invisible outside the Earth has created an invisible door. Maybe these ships or planes disappear from the invisible door to any other planet.

2. Area 51: This is America's most secretive military base. To this day, no ordinary person could get inside it. The correct answer to the American government, even today, is to find out what the actual work of this house is. Everyone has avoided any questions about this challenge. Almost all strange airplanes are seen around this house, near this bay. There is no similarity with any aircraft in the world. Around this house, hanging around the point of view that strangers will be shot immediately. It is not possible to know what is inside or what is inside, no other person can do it. Many people think that the aliens have regularly associated with the Earth. They are coming regularly in the world, in the world. And their home is in this area 51. So much so that the people of the world do not forget to see or know anything, so here is the secret.

3. People walked into the moon in 1969: It is a discussion of many old ones. It was 1969, it was a dream year for the world. The year to make the dream come true. On this day the people of the world kept their footsteps on the first roof. People make the impossible impossible by conquering the moon. Then many people oppose it. They said in 1969 people could not win the moon. They used to be the reason that it was completely impossible to go to moonlight. They think that the Americans then shot the entire incident in front of the people and they also had the idea that Stanley Kubrick was its director.

4. Princess Dyer's Assassination: Another controversial incident is the murder of Prince Diana. In 1997, Princess Diana and her boyfriend Fayad died in a car accident. Experts believe that British Intelligence Agency MI6 carried out this devastation following the crash of the British royal family. Many people believe that the popularity of Princess Diana, the popularity of truthfulness, and the criticism of the royal family had left the British Raj family embarrassed and uncomfortable. Again Princess Diana's relationship with Fayyad became a huge issue of national security for the British royal family and England, so this assassination may have been done.

5. On July 7, 2005, the series of bomb blasts in London:
On July 7, 2005, it was not only for England but for the entire world it was a very painful and awful day. In the grounds of a tremendous train series, several major serial bomb blasts had killed many innocent people on that day. Several militant occasions have been blamed for the attack. Various footage of the attackers were also published. Who actually did this attack? Was it a drama arranged by powerful countries? See the attacker's top image. His name is Mohammed Sidique Khan. He is an accused of suicide attack on the incident. Experts say this picture can not be realistic in any way. All right along the place. But if you look very carefully and can be tested, then the photo person will be separated into the picture. The whole image is fake. Some people said that the bomb was not blasted by the attackers backpack. They were already kept there. Many people think that this attack was done to give legitimacy to the people of the country in the war with the Americans in the Middle East.

6. Tsunami of the 2004 Indian Ocean: It was a painful day for the people of Asia in 2004. People in the neighboring Asian countries can see the real nature of a horrifying and cruel game of nature. This huge disaster struck the tsunami in several countries surrounding the sea. Millions of people died in this cruel tsunami. Especially in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, the number of casualties was the highest. The world will never forget this cruel and terrible nature of nature. But in the Middle East, some newspapers in the Middle East claim the press is behind the world's many powerful forces. Some tsunami was triggered by an accident in the accident, when a confidential nuclear bomb test was conducted.

7. HIV virus was designed by laboratories: AIDS is a mortality disease. Researchers have not yet been able to discover the means of treatment and medicines. This is the world's most deadly disease. Almost every year, many people in Africa are dying of this disease. Dr. William Campbell Douglass first gave a theory, after many doctors supported him. According to him, the HIV virus was made in 1974 by the WHO as planned in laboratories. It is designed to reduce global population. Afterwards, the virus was spread widely throughout Africa. Another group of CIA or KGB had created this virus for any of its own interests. But due to an accident, it is spread all over the world.

8. WHO: Fluoride is mixed in water for drinkable water to prevent diarrhea. Again it has been scientifically proven that this fluoride has many bad sides. Various different side effects of it affect the human body in a variety of ways. Despite the fact that a group of researchers knows this, WHO is not obstructing this fluoride application. Because behind this there is a big business. Behind the huge pharmaceutical company. Because the people are sick, they have profits. If people are not ill, then how much will the medicine company run?

9. Actually Elvis Presley plays with his death: People rarely have heard of the famous and well-known popular singer Elvis Presley. He has innumerable fans around the world. People still listen to his songs and like. The famous singer entered a huge state of popularity at the young age. Suddenly, this great singer died in 1977. At one point of time, whether or not Elvis really died. He went away from everyone after killing himself. Many or even saw him! His real death or in the 1990's. Did Elvis Presley play with his death?

10. 2012 Mystery: The biggest event happened in 2012, with the rumor of the earth being destroyed. Many people have already smashed this issue. But there was a lack of people on this side but not less. A lot of people believed that in December 2012, destruction will come down in the world. Because of the end of Mayan calendar and some predictions of Nostradamus, the belief of the fire spread throughout the world. I myself believed that maybe there will be no destruction but a huge change will come in this time on Earth. But all the imagination, the world is living forever even by proving false to the prediction.

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