How To Stop Google Location Tracking ?

Google takes information from users' locations. Even if the mobile phone service is stopped, the user's location is going to Google. This news is not new.

Although the location is locked for the widespread use of location-based applications, news user location news has reached to Google. Originally the user's location from Web and App Activity reaches Google's server.
But knowing strategies will protect you from Google's location tracking. This is the highlight of the tutorial.

  • First go to the Android phone settings option. From there we have to go to the 'google' option.
  • Then go from 'Google Account' to 'Data & Personalization' tab.
  • From where the 'Web & App Activity off' option has to be closed.
  • The location history will also be off. To do this, you have to go to the 'Data & Personalization' option from Google account options.
  • Then go to 'location history'. From there, you have to turn off the 'user location history' option.
Google will not be able to track location. However, applications that require location permission to use may have difficulty in using the app.

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