How to add facebook comment box in blogger ?

Facebook has been the most popular social media platform in the world recently. There are few people who do not use Facebook every day. If this is the easy way to add social media comments box to your blog. It is seen that many people are visiting your blog but can not log in to the blog or to Google, because they can not express their views. If you add the facebook comment box, then anyone can easily give feedback about your post. Moreover, you post a post, after posting, you will definitely want to share your post with Facebook. Visitors who come here after sharing will be able to comment on your blog very easily because of their login to Facebook. Besides, after making a comment in the Facebook post, the Facebook authorities automatically notify the notification of the commentator friend via automatic notification. As a result, your post reaches to many people.

How to add ?

With the method I will show you can easily add a Facebook comment to the blog. There are many methods to get in the nets, but I think there is such a simple method and will not get anywhere. Apart from this, the above picture shows that it is a completely new and updated comment box. Recently the Facebook authorities brought this new change Which you will love very much.

  1. First login to facebook.
  2. Then, from the top right corner, click the Settings option.
  3. Then click the Developers option from below.
  4. Now holding the mouse on the Docs from the top menu will have the option. Click on Social Plugins from this option.
  5. After clicking on Social Plugins, several options will come out. There you will see an option named Comments. Clicking on these comments will take you to the Automatic Comments section.
  6. Now you can find an option named Web under comments. Click on this Web option.
  7. Then you will see options like the image below.
  8. Enter your desired blog address at the top section and click on the Get Code button with the red spots below 5 or 10 in the cell of the Number of Posts, following the image code below.
  9. Now login to your blog.
  10. Then click on Template> Edit HTML.
  11. Then press Ctrl + F to switch to the </ body> section.
  12. Then go to this link.
  13. Now copy the Facebook code of the image above and paste it into the HTML Parser box and click Convert.
  14. Copy the code after converting.
  15. Now paste the copied code </ body> above it.
  16. Then copy these red codes and search by pressing Ctrl + F to the keyboard <b: include data = 'post' name = 'post' />
  17. Now paste the code below box below the red code above.
  18. Then click on Save Template and then OK.


  • If you want to change the Width of the comment box, you can resize your position in the 590 above.
  • If you want to hide the Blogger Comment box, you can select Hide from the Settings> Posts and Settings> Comment Location drop-down menu.

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