Fix just one minute lost memory card

For a long time, we noticed that our memory card is not working anymore. This means that the device does not show next to the storage. This means that the card has been canceled. Then we drop it. But most of the time the card has a lot of important files but it is not possible to recover it due to card wastage.
Today, I will show you how to make such a memory card worthwhile. For that you need, Grid Oil / Veselin, an aluminum metal object. Then let's start

  1. It turns out that the mobile memory card is set.
  2. Now I'm going to the file manager from the menu.
  3. Be careful not to show any storage except device storage here. Although my memory card is set up.
  4. Now I am moving the memory or the SD card. It's useful to use.
  5. I am zooming in camera for better viewing.
  6. I have a medicine aluminum pack in my hand. I have been cut from the side to work.
  7. Now I'll take a little veseline to aluminum.
  8. Slowly slash the card slot. Keep in mind that the card does not work so long after a thin coat is on the inside of the card set. So rub the card's chips slot a bit, then rub it like this.
  9. See chips have become somewhat brighter than before.
  10. Now clean the tissue paper very well. There is no slippery feeling.
  11. Now notice, our SD card has been fixed. And it shows again In this way, you can make use of your memory card to fit the house.
Note: If you rub with a lot of hard, the SD chip may be lost. So aluminum has been used.

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