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Through today's post we will learn about various network related equipment. For example, what is the name of the device? What is its work How does it work. Some network related devices are - hubs, switches, router, modems and LAN cards. So let's go to the main topic of the post without talking too much. Let's say I have collected the information of this post from other sites.

Usually hubs are used to connect many ICT devices, such as computers, pins, etc. in wired networks. The hub allows an instrument to communicate with another device. It can be said that all the computers connected by hubs to the same network can communicate with one another. In the hub, we understand the internet hub or the network. However, we have seen many USB hubs lately.

When the information or data goes from one device to the other via the hub, the hub can not read them. When sending data or data from one computer to another computer, the Hub will send that data or data to all computers connected to it. Even if the information sent from the computer is sent to the Hub, it will send that information again. That means that the hub can not send information according to specific address. The use of the hub is greatly reduced due to low speed and no longer available.

This is also a small ICT device like a hub. Most of the time the switch is used to create any network. The main difference of the switch with the hub is that the switch can detect each of the ICT devices connected to the wire, but the hub can not. As a result, any ICT device (Node) on the network created by switch can directly contact other devices. The machines connected to the switch send only those who want to send data or data.

The question is how does the switch work? The switch allocates one address to each of the ICT devices connected to it, and if you want to send data or data to that address, the switch reaches one address to another address. The allocated address is called MAC Media Access Control Address in the Information and Communication Technology Language. Due to the use of different addresses, it can work faster than the SWA Hub. Because of this, the switch to make the network is now the choice of everyone

The word Router comes from Route word, Writer is an important instrument that combines hardware and software. It is used for network creation. The Internet is made up of numerous networks. Router is used to connect two networks operating under the same protocol. There are numerous routers on the internet right now.

Giving guidance on routers' main work data or data. Suppose someone wants to send a picture of an e-mail to a friend in Australia. The image is divided into several data packets and will reach the friends computer on the Internet. The destination address of every data packet is connected. The Internet is spread over the whole world like hippopotamus, so various data packets can reach the destination on various routes. When a data packet arrives at any one router, the router will give you directions that the data will be easily and quickly reach the destination.

Modem is one of the most important tools for connecting to the network through the Internet. Modem is a combination of both of these parts and Modem to Modulator, Mo and Demodulator. The modem can be used by its wireless or wireless technology.

There is a need for a signal to send data or data over the Internet. A modem is a network device that converts the digital signal received from the computer to the network. Converts the signal from the network and then transmits the signal to the computer.

Previously the low-speed dial-up modem was used. Instead of using the Fast Cable or DSL (Digital Subscribers Line) modem instead. Besides, there is a large number of Wi-Fi (Wired) Fidelity modems currently being used.

Lan Card:
The device that is required to connect two or more computers together is LAN Card. That means, if we want to build a network, then we will need a LAN card. LAN card will be required to send or receive any information or data from one ICT device connected to the network to another device. In this case, the role of the LAN card is like an interpreter.

The LAN card is connected with the motherboard of almost all computers or laptops or ICT devices currently available. However, the LAN card is to be separated in some ICT devices. Wireless LAN cards are now very popular as a result of technology development.

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