Decision that three mistakes should be avoided

Which wrong decision is the trouble of life? Not everyone has ever made a wrong decision. It is more in the form of immature age. But many people can not come out of it even when they are mature. But if the decisions were made to go wrong again and again. Of course, it should be searched for reasons. Otherwise, life will not be ruled out and will not come under control.

Those three mistakes will be avoided but it is not very easy to identify. But let me tell you that they can not defeat you by making a decision.


Most of our activities are controlled by emotions. But it may not always be negative. Suppose you bought a meal that you never ate for lunch. After the meal, your money was ruined. You can accept this bad habitue. But being emotionally married to someone you are not happy with. It will take you through life forever. The funny thing is, most marriages but people are passionate.
Decision-making is basically on the basis of seeing, listening and feeling. Then its negativity and positivity are expressed. We first see opportunities, then discuss, then feel. In this case, three senses are used. We should not refrain from using any sense in decisions made to be emotional.

Therefore, we should make decisions by using three senses in the right way.

By the age of 57 I knew, life is a combination of opportunities. There will be some opportunities for every trip and the best to choose from. This decision makes us life.
- Mark Dewin


A lady said she decided to buy a new car. Because, it was beautiful. However, while running it, he found that he could not sit properly in the driving seat. The car has grown up for it. So he decided to sell it. But he changed his mind talking to the sales representative. Just three years later, when there is still a two-year loan payment, he feels regretful before driving. Often we value others' opinions. I forget that I myself will enjoy the result of the decision. The person you want to ask may help you make a wrong decision for his interests. So be careful. Judge judging by reasoning.
Do not let your right decision be hijacked by others.

Sometimes a small decision will change the whole life.
- Kerry Russell


We often spend extra thoughts. Because, because we are hesitant, we try to resolve with a lot of thinking. Here the interlude works. It constantly keeps us in the head, tired of us. To get out of this dialectic condition, keep the following things in mind-

Remember that having a conflict means 'no'. It can never be positive. So think about something other than what you are confronted with.
Take the time. Let the unconscious mind start his work. Stop thinking for a specific time. Then see how easy it is.
Analyze the risks and profits. If you have low profits, take less risk and take more risk if you have more profits.
Do you feel a little too heavy? Avoid these mistakes will increase your chances of making the right decision. If ninety-nine percent of the decisions are correct, then what is the key to success? Of course not.

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