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Blogger is a free and biggest platform that has some Advance features, which we do not know. Because of which there is a lot of trouble in blogging. But knowing these little things is a little difficult, you can manage the blogging work properly. There are many new bloggers who believe that Google Blogger can not do everything. I'll tell them it's a complete misconception. By using this blogger you can create a complete website. The Google Blogger has all the things that need to be topped by a top level site. I will share with you today how to change the Url or Permalink after publishing a blog post.

Change Blog Post Permalink

Many times we wrongly post the blog post Url. As a result, the post link does not match the posting heading. This link can not be changed normally. Moreover, you may know that the search engine based on the post url brings your post to search results. If your post url does not match the post, then this link does not have the potential to get the desired traffic. Actually this topic is very useful for search engine optimization. But I am not writing about this topic today. Now below I will show two methods, how to change your blog post url -

Before publishing the post:

  • Log in to your Blogger account and click Create New Post from the dashboard.
  • Then click on Permalink from the right side of the post. See the below  image-

Change Blog Post Permalink

  • Here you can see two options called "Automatic Permalink" and "Custom Permalink". Clicking on the Custom Permalink will show a small box like the image below-

Change Blog Post Permalink

  • You can enter your desired url in the red box below. It is best if the Url is associated with your post. After each Word, a short hyphen will be used.
  • Finally click on Done.

After publishing the post:

I have already said that after publishing the post, this url can not be changed. All things can be found just like the image above but can not edit the box to change the url only. For this you have to follow the following short tricks:
  • Open your desired post.
  • Then click on the Revert to draft from the right side of the post title. See the below image-

Blogger Post Revert

  • Now you can change your post custom permalink.
  • After you change the url, click Publish. That's all.
Note: Before you change the url, you have to think about this task. If your URL is too old and you are a Google Adsense user, then Google will deduct the money from this link from your Amount. Moreover, to delete this link completely from Google search engine, the link will be deleted from Google Webmaster Tools. Otherwise, visitors will enter your site from this old link and repeatedly show 404 error messages.

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