6 physical problems can happen if you do not sleep properly.

One-fourth of people who sleep less than six hours at night are suffering from cardiovascular problems. This information was given in a research report published in the 'Slip' journal. The report said that there may be problems with blood circulation in the arteries, poor heartbeat, including feeling weak and weak.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School report about the 7 types of effects that can affect sleep problems.

  1. Reflex: The cognitive motore condition of the brain in 24 hours of sleepless nights is such that the person ate alcohol. At this time, take a cup of medium caffeinated coffee and take 20 minutes to soak it. A significant study of the University of Logbrooh has been advised to guard against this problem.
  2. Stomach: Those who habitually sleep for 5 hours a day, the leptin hormone decreases by 15.5 percent in their stomach. It helps you to feel confident and regulates fat storage. This information was given in the University of Wisconsin study.
  3. Waist: Researchers at Stanford University say that those who sleep for only 5 hours at night are 3.6 percent more than body mass indexes. Obesity occurs among them. Especially fat is accumulated on the waist.
  4. Blood pressure: Those who sleep less than 6 hours, they get up in Systolic BP 132. Its normal size is less than 120. The lack of cortisol hormone increases due to sleep, which is called stress hormone. Sleep, diabetes, physical problems, less sleep.
  5. Pancreas: The chance of seeing diabetes twice a day due to sleep over an average of 6 hours is increased. This information came out in a study by Yale University.
  6. Brain: If the brain wakes up to 19 hours a day for three days, brain cells start to die. Although the results of this research done on animals have been found, scientists also believe that it will be in the brain of human beings. The brain can not clean the proteins that can cause Alzheimer's and dementia in this problem.

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