11 Easy and quick way to remove odor from the refrigerator !

The most important thing in modern life is the fridge. Freeze is the only place to store food, vegetables, fruits for a long time. But almost the time when the fridge opens, it takes a kind of bad bad breath. This awkward smell is long lasting.

Basically, the smell of frozen foods due to food rubbing, refrigerated gas, stomach etc are made. The fragile fridge of fridge can be easily removed in some ways.

Fridges should be cleaned at some time, although it is not possible every day. Remove the frozen items in the refrigerator and remove the right time. There will be less fragrance in the refrigerator. Keep the fridge off for a while. Take out all the accessories of the refrigerator and clean it.

Then put the stuff in the refrigerator again. If the fridge is bad, the baking soda will work well. Mix baking soda in water and keep it in refrigerator. All the bad odors will disappear within a few hours. Try to keep a refrigerator in the air tight container. That thing would also be good.

1. Baking soda
Baking soda is quite useful to remove any stench. Bake soda, soft soap mixed with light hot water, sponge it in the refrigerator and clean the tray and rack inside the refrigerator. The oil spices on it will rise. Then put the trays in the refrigerator again with dry cloth. Do not use chlorine bleach and razor cloth to clear the fridge, there is a possibility of shelf plastic wrapping.

2. Remove the living foods
To remove frozen stains, the food is largely responsible for the residual diet. So do not save the fridge for too long. For example, if you keep a dozen bananas frozen for one week, then it will cause bad smell. Freeze a small amount of food. It will not spoil the food and the fridge will not cause any stench.

3. Use the lid
Use the lid in refrigerator for keeping the refrigerator. The smell of one meal will not enter another food. Keep frozen foods in the air tight box and refrigerate. Prevents the smell of lid food from coming out.

4. Coffee beans
Coffee provides a very good job to absorb bad smell. Keep refrigerated with a bowl of coffee or plate. Keep it refrigerated one day. The coffee fries the smell of the smell and kept the refrigerator free of smell.

5. Vanilla essence
Immerse the vanilla essence of a cloth. Now keep it in the refrigerator. After 12 hours remove the cloth ball from the refrigerator. You will see the fridge filled with a beautiful smell.

6. Oatmeal
This nutty nutty recipe is well known. Many people eat oatmeal in the morning breakfast. But many people do not know that it can eliminate bad smell. If you keep the oatmeal in the aluminum flame and leave it, then the smell will disappear.

7. Lemon
Keeping the spleen half-cut in the refrigerator corner, day will not smell. In addition to removing the smell of refrigerated food, pour some salt in a plate and keep it frozen with fresh water all overnight. The next day you will see the smell disappeared.

8. Essential Oil
More familiar with this name. Soak small pieces of cotton Essential Welles. Keep these fries for one day. You see, bad smell like magic has taken off.

9. Vinegar
This fluid is accented with the same quality. Rotten odor can be easily controlled Leave a cup or a bowl white vinegar, there. Slowly the smell will disappear.

10. Charcoal
In one word it is charcoal. Although unique in Ruppanchaya, it is also good to lose the bad smell. In fact, the ability to absorb charcoal is much more. So the bad smell also absorbs it. Put a few pieces of frozen coffee in a bowl. It will continue for three days.

11. Keep the refrigerator clean
Clear the inside of the refrigerator at least once a week. Before cleaning the refrigerator, take out all the food from the refrigerator and stop the switch. The ice will melt, which will be easy to clean. Now remove all the trays of the refrigerator ... ..!

Keep the gutters open while the fridge is refrigerated. Keep the bottle open before adding the glass. Otherwise the scent spreads.

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