Why is it going to stop Adobe Flash?

Most of the users of the Internet are familiar with the Adobe Flash name. One of the most used and popular technology or platforms to watch online gaming and video was this Adobe Flash. It was not only popular but it was also very critical in its name. Due to different types of crashes, its popularity decreased day by day. It does not have to be used in the present time. While about 80 percent of desktop users used this flash in 2014, the current user is less than 5 percent. On July 25, 2010, Adobe announced in a post on their own blog that they would completely close the flash by 2020. But is such a platform so popular that it is being closed? Surely the same question arises in your mind. Let's now know the reason for this. But before that we will know about Adobe Flash very well. Then it may be helpful to understand the reason for it being closed.

What is Adobe Flash?

Although it was known as Adobe Flash, but its first name was FutureSlose Animator. Because it was created by Futuresplash Multimedia Company and it is named by them. There was another name. In 1997 Macromedia Company bought the entire FutureSpace company, including Flash. It is named after Macromedia Flash. Then the latest Adobe bought it in 2005 and since then it is known as Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform that is used to add audio or video to animation, ads, games and web pages. It is also used to create various web applications. In addition to this, it can work with vector and raster graphics simultaneously and can also offer audio and video streaming. .Flv extension is used for .swf and video files for Flash files in general. Hope to know about it so much. So let's now know why this is so popular because of what is being critically criticized and eventually going to be closed.

Why is it shutting down?

There are several reasons for this to stop. Some of the reasons for this are coding and security problems, critical criticism of the famous Steve Jobs letter, advanced technology like HTML 5. Now let us know these reasons in detail.

Coding and Security Problems:

On 31st March, 2016, the popular Internet security software company of Japan Trend Micro said that strong viruses are available in Adobe Flash. These viruses are very dangerous for computer users. Because this virus can lock the computer using some voice tactics and help the browser to take the site to the lock that will help the virus. According to the researchers, for opening this lock, a ransom costs about 200 to 600 dollars, which means that about 16 to 50 thousand Bangladeshi money will be spent. Due to its coding vulnerability, it became a very easy way for hackers to hit computers. As a result, large companies like YouTube have said goodbye to Adobe Flash.

Bill Gates's letter:

Apple never supported Flash. Flash never used in its devices. In this regard, Apple's founder Steve in April 2010 filed an initial 6-point complaint with Flash about the reason why and why Flash should be shut down. The issues are:

  1. Adobe Flash is fully owned - It is only available from Adobe and its price is determined solely by the authorities.
  2. The new video formats are much more advanced and popular- Apple's mobile devices can not view flash videos and use flash games. But better quality videos and games apple devices support.
  3. Flash does not provide a security deficit and good service - In 2009, American software-based company Samantique highlighted Flash for the worst security records. Flash is the number one reason to crash.
  4. Flash Battery Destroyer - Due to flash decoding, using a lot of battery life causes the battery to crash very quickly.
  5. It does not support touch - Flash is basically designed for computers. This makes Apple's touch devices a lot of trouble.
  6. Developers do not want to write Flash apps instead of Apple iPhone apps.

Advanced technology like HTML5:

Adobe's Product Development Vice President Govinda Balakrishnan said that they are shutting down Flash because now the advanced technologies like HTML 5 can provide good service and the Flash Player is able to provide alternative services. The advantage of HTML 5 is that the user does not have to install and update dedicated plugins for multimedia content on the webpage and support almost all kinds of devices.

The above reasons have brought Adobe Flash to the present. Now it is absolutely necessary to stop. Coming in the year 2020, the once-popular multimedia platform Adobe Flash.

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