What is nanotechnology?

It is difficult to guess even a dream of a world - we do not even dream of its features. Take a look around your room, take a look, see what? Your computer, chair, table, your bed? Let's think of yourself 20 times smaller - what will you see now? Maybe there's one on the floor and you'll feel like a gigantic building to see your table. But if you have been reduced to 1000 million times, what will you see? Will you have a chair or a table? Rather you will see things by which your chair, table, consists of everything in this world; Molecules, atoms, proteins, cells etc. If your drawing is taken to the nano scale, then you can see the electron proton orbits around the atom rather than no atom or atom. Now suppose you use an extraordinary technique to change the structure of atom (atom) or atom of an object with the formation of another atom, what would happen? In fact, all the extraordinary materials that have never existed before will ever occur. Starting today, from a new disease medicine to your computer's super fast processor and creating all the extraordinary materials, there is a very small technology that is known as "Nanotechnology" and it is the most amazing form of current science and technology. So let's know all the details about Nanotechnology today ...

How big is this "Nano"?
Capture a photo using your smartphone or any camera and open it with Photoshop. Keep zooming in the photo and zooming, the photo will become dull once and finally it will be seen just like the brick wall. Each of these four-colored blocks is called a pixel, which contains the description of a photo and together with all the pixels, a complete photo is created. In the same way, everything around you is completely formed by the very small element "atom". Starting from the chair table, your body consists of a very small particle called atom. Each element has a portion of its composition in its atom, as each photo has a different color in each pixel and a photo is created together. The key theme of Nano technology depends on the object; Let's talk about the matter in the structure and its molecule, the structure and properties of the atom, let us now take the idea of nano drawing.

See we are familiar with a world where we are accustomed to measuring meters, kilometers etc. It is really hard to imagine the painting of something that is so small that it can not be seen in sight. However, the Nano is small, but it is larger than a single atom. An atom's radius is about 0.1 nano meter and an atom's nucleus (a concentrated area in the middle of the atom, where protons and neutrons are smaller), which is about 0.00001 nano meters. The subtler and mathematical subdivision of the science department has come to the conclusions about nano meter and its drawing, but try to give another example for everyone's understanding. Think you have an apple in it and hold it is 1 nano meter, how small is it? To compare 1 nano meter with 1 meter, if your apple is a nano meter in your hand, then all the earth will be one meter, do you understand?

You may be surprised to see the pictures of your biology parasitic microbes, maybe it's possible to get rid of such small things. Such photography is done using an electron microscope. This extraordinary science machine can see small objects of a million times a meter, 1 meter (1 million) small version of 1 meter equal to 1 microscope meter. But Nano is 1 billion (1,000 million) times smaller than 1 meter. So imagine how small the nano meter can be? I've been out of imagination long ago.

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