What is the image file format? Find out more about JPEG GIF PNG

Image file format is standard and digital photo saving process. Today we all use these images or photography. We photographed our image file with mobile or DSLR camera and saw that image or picture on our mobile or computer. If there is any file on every mobile, computer or laptop, then there are file formats. Likewise, there is every image or picture and specific format. When we take a picture, that image format is created. So there are different types of image file formats and those formats have their own silence or specialty. The popular formats in different types of image formats are 3 image formats - JPEG, GIF, PNG. Now we will learn about the use of these formats, know about their Advantage and Disadvantage, and know about where and when to use them.

JPEG: Joint Photography Experts Group

A well known and popular format for JPEG-image file formats. We call this JPEG jpg and jpg in Bengal. JPEG is being updated - Joint Photography Experts Group. If we take a picture with our smartphone or DSLR camera, then it is saved in JPEG format. We almost all know that any image or image is composed of some small pixels (Pixel). JPEG format saved 24 bit data in 1 pixel. Of these, 8 bits are for RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and Brightness. JPEG supports more than 16 million colors / colors. That means the amount of color supported by JPEG stands at 16.7 million. For this reason, when we take a picture with our smartphone or DSLR camera, we see blue or natural color.

A format JPEG suitable for photography, natural artwork and realistic images. The size of the JPEG file is usually larger, so if we take a picture with our smartphone or DSLR camera it can be 3-4 MB (MB) and more. But there is a disadvantage in it, and if we save and edit JPEG files, then its data is lost and the quality and loss are lost, but we usually do not understand because the quality is low.

GIF: Graphics Interchange Format

A very popular format of the GIF image file format. GIF is being completed - Graphics Interchange Format. This format was introduced in 1987. GIF is the one we call and pronounce GIF in Bangla. We see this GIF format in many places. Those who use Whatsapp, Messenger-like software, they are familiar with this format. We can see this GIF format on different websites. So when we see this GIF, it seems like no video is running. But, not really. This is not an image and no other video. This image reveals its image by GIF that resembles the video, but its stability is for a few seconds. As a result, it has been named GIF.

GIF-format supports 8-bit data per data pixel and supports up to 256 color / color. As a result, when we look at any GIF- we do not notice too much color / color. And the size of the GIF-image is very small. This format has great usage on the Internet. We can use this GIF-format generally for log design, banner design, text, moving image, slide show and small animations.

PNG: Portable Network Graphics

One of the most popular formats of the PNG-image file format. This is a much more advanced format than all formats, such as JPG, GIF. PNG is being updated - Portable Network Graphics This format is used much on the Internet. High quality images can be created in png-format, as well as creating low quality images. In PNG-format we edit any image and its quality does not change. In PNG format, we can transparent any image.

If you have any images / pictures, and if you want to change around this photo or want to change or delete the image / photo behind it, it is possible to do it in PNG format. But one of the most difficult aspects of PNG is that the file is larger than JPEG. However, PNG-format is very advanced compared to JPEG-format.

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