To keep the liver healthy, you must know

Liver is the biggest and important part of the human body. This body has many physical functions, such as metabolism, increased digestion, and toxic screen removal. This important part can be damaged for various reasons. If there is no treatment in the beginning of the problem, then things like Liver Failure can happen. Liver feelyaar starts slowly. It has more serious shape than some of your work. Avoid doing these things to keep the liver healthy.

Excessive drinking:
Alcohol liver inflammation, fatty liver, and even the main cause of liver cirrhosis. Liver breaks and breaks the energy into energy. When liver tries to break alcohol, it is damaged. Those who regularly drink alcohol are usually more likely to suffer from liver problems.

Extra weight or obesity leads to lever problems. Increasing the fat around the liver increases the likelihood of lever feiler. Due to excess weight, many patients are suffering from liver problems.

One study revealed that 50% of patients with diabetes are likely to have liver damage. Increase in insulin levels in blood increases excess weight. This is one of the reasons for liver damage.

Using excessive medicines:
Using excessive medicines causes serious damage to the liver. At present, many doctors prohibit the use of Painkiller, fatigue reduction medicines, medicines to fix moods, etc. Liver damage.

Eat more of salt:
Extra salt and salt foods increase blood pressure. It also increases the liver damage to the liver. If you have a habit of eating excess salt, leave it today.

Smoking does not damage the liver directly, but indirectly it liver damage. The harmful ingredients of cigarettes increase oxidative stress after reaching the liver, which affects the liver's cells.

Studies have shown that nutrition or dietary supplements produce some enzymes in the liver. Liver damage may be due to the taking of extra vitamins

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