Those who showed the old finger of age ?

Doing something without doing any job under another ', so self-employment is a dream of many of you. Indeed, when someone has the right education, skills and competence; Why not just sitting in the hope of a job? Instead of being a jobless employer, instead of being an entrepreneur, he can arrange his own work!

But it takes a lot of things to be an entrepreneur. The first thing that is needed is capital or capital. If not, then nothing can be started. But where is the capital available?

Well, I did not say anything about the capital. More than that, the entrepreneur is still not the age of the entrepreneur! Just be in the university, before graduation ends, or else it will be considered to be a good entrepreneur. So much so just need to think about this!

Most people think that kind of! Are you thinking of that? In spite of strong will, skill and a lot of retirement, have you kept the dream of being an entrepreneur not just 'age'?

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