The first computer came in the hands of the man, who is he? Let's know about him!

The story of 1964 95 percent of the people of East Pakistan did not know what the television was. At that time a ship of the size of a computer in the then Pakistan came to the ship. Greetings gift as the friend of the United States sent it. IBM's main frame was 1620 computers.

Proof of form is larger than one room. The machine came to the country; But with the use of obstructive devices. The rulers of Mahabidapada read We have found a tool in the hands of the US, in the end, they have to resort to running the device! There is no one in the country, who can run the Jantar Mantar! One was found after many searches. His name is Md. Hanifuddin Mia Residents of East Pakistan.

He knows how to use this computer. Because, he has been training on analog computer programming. His call was not necessarily He was invited to Lahore to Pakistan to use this computer. It is promised that all the facilities will be provided. Hanifuddin sat down and sat down. He will not leave his country anywhere. What to do! At last, the computerized computer was installed in the office of Atomic Energy Commission of Dhaka. The use of it started by Hanifuddin's hand.

The first Computer user came to Bangladesh by the hand of Hanifuddin, the first computer user was honored after long years of government's ICT Department and Bangladesh Computer Samity. Hanifuddin's family handed over special award including honor memorabilia to ICT Expo-2015

ICT expo-2015, son of Hanifuddin Mia. Sharif Hasan said that Hanifuddin's house was in the village of Hulhulia of Natore. The person born on 1 November 1929 died on 11 March 2007. Recalling the first computer coming, she said, "When the first computer came to the country, we are very small. In the father's office at the Atomic Energy Commission, we used to play a lot of time on the computer itself. '

'50 years of computerization in Bangladesh has been completed in 2014. It is not known when it was established exactly as it was established on the exact date. However, there was no doubt that an IBM-1620 was established in 1964 at the Atomic Energy Commission. '

Remember, the first computer installed in Bangladesh was not bought for setting up in Bangladesh. It was supposed to sit at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Lahore. Accordingly, IBM thought of sending it to the sea port at Karachi. But there was no man to manage the computer in Lahore. Hanifuddin Mia was responsible for running the computer. He came with training from outside. When he was asked to go to Lahore, he sat there. Basically, without the pressure of the Karachi seaport, the computer came to the Chittagong Port and it was established at the Dhaka Center of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

Before 1976, there was no small computer in the world. As a result, the image of the whole world was such that computer was used for counting, and only programmers used to handle these instruments. But after 1976, when the personal computer (PC) appeared in the world, its effect was not in Bangladesh. The Apple series computers are not in the hands of ordinary people of this country. They were used only in American schools in Dhaka. Even after IBM PC came into the market in 1981, the use of PC in this country did not increase at all. Some people used wordstars, lotuses and debugging. However, it can not be regarded as linked to the main stream of life in any way.

In the last words, I want to say, 'Knowing the first computer operator of Bangladesh means a history has come in front of the eyes. We can not do anything else, the first Bangladeshi man, who has handled the computer, can honor him. I can write about him, I can say. We can now be proud because he did not leave the country. "

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