Now watch YouTube on Hollywood's Paid movie

The video sharing platform brings the benefits of watching paid movies free of charge. It will be initially seen in Hollywood's 100 movies. However, customers will see ads. During the movie, regular YouTube ads will be displayed. Free movies like Netfix, Amazon Prime, are not seen in the movie. Customers have to count every month to watch a movie or video. There are also many paid movies and videos available in YouTube's TV show and film category. The new feature has been brought to the attention of subscribers that they can see movies without extra money, said the YouTube authorities. The product management director of YouTube said that the features were brought based on the needs of the customers. Paid cinemas offer free viewing facilities, but the organization associated with it will not face any loss. Because the money displayed in the movie will earn money. Currently there are 100 movies, but the series will increase further consistently. The facility is still not available in all countries. But users of different countries of the world will soon be able to get the feature, said YouTube.

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