Nanotechnology from Nano Science

Do you remember the Google Map Satellite View? Where in the early days, our world seems to be a big round of blue green. Because of the green trees and the ocean on most of the Earth's surface, a blue green appears to be bigger round to see the earth from a distance. Now start zooming on the map, gradually many countries will be watching, after that the country's cities will be noticed and then there will be a particular city on the screen. Now start zooming on the city, an area will come and finally the zoom will end on a mansion or a house. But is this the last end of the world, that is the smallest element in the world that this planet has been created? Of course not. Nano science is used to look at things smaller than our normal eyesight. Now let's go back to the Google Map which ended on a mahalla. Now let's go zoom, maybe a field of mahalla can be found on the mahalla and once zoomed, one can stop at a grass. The idea started with Nano Science and started to zoom the grass. If zoomed grass, plant cells can be seen in it and it can be seen how it is making food for themselves with sunlight. If you do more zoom in this way, you will see that the plant molecules are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and once things are all divided. So this is Nano Science, which helps us to understand from the very roots that how each element is made and its core is what it is.

And when we can understand Nano Science, we can use it to create something new and it will be called Nano Technology. Because technology comes from science and follow the rules of science, making our everyday life easier is the technology work.

Now let's take a few simple ideas about nanotechnology-what's actually this and how it works. I will not go into any complex discussions, try a simple and straightforward interpretation of all the facts with just a few examples. Well, think of a cloth and suppose we have reached the smallest point of the nano scale of that cloth, then what can be seen. Yes, of course, we must reach atoms of atomic atoms. There may be a thread from one cotton thread to the other. Now suppose there is a substance that has the power to exclude any fluid. So, if we reach the nano scale of that substance, we can know the structure of that substance and change the anatomic structure of the cloth with that substance, but what will happen? Then it will be possible to create a cloth which will discard any fluid with water. Suppose your white shirt filled the yellow juice of curry! What is not it boring? But after improving nanotechnology, your shirt will get rid of the buttermilk, meaning that if the shirt sticks in the curry, it will not cause any stains. Hope you're clear about the main subject of Nano technology.

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