Know, what is formalin, its actual use, abuse, detection and removal methods!

People who are not heard of the word formalin may very rarely find. In the current civic life, it embraces us in Ashtpith. This product is a horror name. But getting rid of it seems to be an impossible thing. Let's know some information about formalin.

What is formalin and its actual use:
Formalin is 37 to 40 percent of the solution of the formaldehyde (chemical signal HCHO). In addition to formalin formaldehyde 10 to 15 percent of methanol are mixed. Formalin is used as anti-bacterial or contagious disorder. Generally, formalin is used to prevent corrosion of dead bodies, including human bodies. We have certainly seen different specimens or bodies (corpses) buried in glass in the biological laboratory, which have been prevented by formalin. It can be mentioned that both formaldehyde and methanol are the causes of toxic chemicals and harm to the human body.

Misuse and effect of formalin:
Formalin is easily available and available at prices, so dishonest shopkeepers and traders are directly saving and selling fish with formalin mixed with formalin. A mobile court has fined one and a half lakh taka of a country's famous super shop in late June. The mobile court, directed by District Administration and Bangladesh Standards Institute of Management, BSTI, fined the fine. Formalin is mixed in almost all the fruits and local seasonal fruits found in the market. After dissolving formalin mixed water on the fruit dried after a while, we did not realize that there are formalin in the fruits? It has been found that the fruit is seen fresh after more than a month. I remember that in an apple kept in the house three to four months ago, it has not been recovered even after 20-25 days, if you wish, you can test this to see how long you have been in your home. Before fish is seen in the fish market, but the fish market is currently seeing a lot of flies due to the fact that the fly does not come near formalin. We are eating milk, such as sweet, cheese etc., that the formalin of milk is inaccessible. Because the effects of formalin are not wasted through heat.

If formalin is entering the body its effect is severely damaging. After entering formalin, the presence of methanol enzymes in the liver or liver becomes first formaldehyde and later on to formic acid. Two acid compounds are harmful for the body. Metabolic acidosis is produced when excessive acid deposits in our blood or tissues. Acidosis prevents the normal functioning of the cell or cell by destroying the body's acid base and ionic balance. Immediately there are various diseases including abdominal cramps, indigestion, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis. Even liver cancer can cause.

Due to the consumption of fruits and other foods with formalin, the efficiency of the lungs is spoiled, sneezing, cough, shortness of breath and asthma. Lungs can cause respiratory cancer. Crippling of childbirth, headaches and eyesight can cause kidney infections and formaldehyde can cause cancer in stomach, lungs and respiratory problems. Due to the stomach, bone marrow due to formalin food, blood vessels and other blood diseases can also lead to blood cancer. There is no other way to die. Formaldehyde destroy the retinal cells through the formation of edema in the eye retina. As a result, people can become blind. There are also serious hazards in pregnant women. In childbirth, it is also not unusual to have birth complications, birth defects of the child, and the birth of a disabled child with hawks. All foodborne foods are at risk, but children and older people are at high risk. Due to the consumption of formalin milk, fish, fruits and vegetables, children's physical immunity will decrease day by day. It is seen that various organisms, such as spoilage, crippling and cancer. Today's children are the future of tomorrow. The adulterated food or toxic chemicals are destroying our future generation.


  • With 2-cc phenol hydrogen hydrochloride (1%) and Formaldehyde solution of formaldehyde 5% cation of potassium ferricyanide, then 5 cc concentrated hydrochloric acid is mixed with dark pink color. This is called the Serivers Test.
  • Formaldehyde is the light solution, such as the fish that is fed with formalin, it contains 1 cc sodium nitrpropyrochide and dark green in color. This proves the existence of formaldehyde or formalin. . All the chemicals and re-agents described above are very difficult to obtain and prices are much higher.
In a simple and simple way, we can do this, as if the susceptive formalin washed by fish, 3% (volume) hydrogen peroxide mixed with water would transform formaldehyde oxidised into formic acid. For the acidic evidence, they will get white mildew of mixed mariquery chloride in water. This will prove that formal acids such as formallides and formalin.

Information leaflet: Leaflets promoted by Science Laboratory

Removal method:
Removal of formalin from fish:
  • It has been found that the formalin levels in the water decreased by 61 percent, if the fish fizz around the bell.
  • If the fish made by formalin in saline water reduces the amount of formalin in about 90 percent of the amount of fish in one hour.
  • At first, 70 percent of formalin is removed from rice in the wash and then normal fish in formal water.
  • The most effective method is to free the formalin of 100 percent if the mixture of vinegar and water (according to the 10% volume of water) is 15 minutes.
Removal of formalin from vegetables and fruits:
  • 10 minutes before eating, water and vegetables will be kept in hot salt water.

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