Free Wifi may be the victim of your grief

Wireless Wi-Fi network is now available free of charge at public places (public places) at various organizations, hotels, restaurants. So many people have started using internet on their smartphones or tablet computers as soon as they get this free network.
But the free Wi-Fi is safe, did you see? Experts say, considering the use of free Wi-Fi, then we should go online. If necessary or unnecessary, using free Wi-Fi should be careful about using e-mails, social media and websites. Because, your personal information may be trafficked to cyber criminals in a little discrepancy. Generally young people are at such risk.
The same is true for new Internet users. Know some personal information protection tips:

Be aware:
Free Wi-Fi is not usually safe for the public. If hackers want to take data on this network, you can grab your data. Remember, entering any e-mail, password or other information on a website browsed using any public Wi-Fi. Data may be lost to third-party users, using the same network. If you do not need it for too much, avoid using open Wi-Fi and make sure that the network is safe before using it.

Update the phone's operating system:
Do you have to update your phone's operating system? The updated operating system is not just for your new Android or Android phone. Update operating system has special arrangements to prevent data from being stolen from the smartphone. Whenever the phone's operating system update comes, install it. It's not just for free Wi-Fi use, but to keep the smartphone safe, it's important to keep up to date.

Suitable security software:
For those who need to use public Wi-Fi often, their smartphones must have proper security software installed. Android smartphone users are at risk of getting infected with malware. Malware scan and removal of security software. Unprotected Wi-Fi networks are at risk of getting infected with malware.

Slow wi-fi has more danger:
If the speed is too slow after entering the open Wi-Fi network, then there may be problems. Many times the sign-in page can be stuck due to slower Wi-Fi. Router may have any technical tactics. There may be occasions when there is a router to turn on another device instead of a direct connection to the router. According to the cyber experts, opportunities for the use of public Wi-Fi in front of cyber bullying are created. In addition to the browsing history to steal the data, the user name can be used by the miscreants.

Online shopping or banking is not in online Wi-Fi with free Wi-Fi, online shopping or banking transactions using public Wi-Fi is unsafe. Mobile Internet is safe.

Two-Step Authentication:
Before using any online service, please start the two-step authentication process.

Close Wi-Fi:
Stop the use of open Wi-Fi as soon as the work is done. Signed out if you sign in to the services that you have used. If you turn off Wi-Fi quickly, then the smartphone will not get malware.

Use VPN:
Do not use public Wi-Fi without VPN It reduces many risks. Get many VPN mobile apps.

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