Due to what causes diabetes ?

The number of diabetes among children under 20 has been increasingly alarming since diabetes has begun in the past one decade. The number of patients in the world of diabetes in 2025 will be around 30 million. 90 percent of diabetic patients are insulin dependent. In 1985, there were a total of 10 million cases of total diabetes in Bangladesh. At present, the number of diabetic patients in Bangladesh is more than 85 lakh. Diabetes is not a disorder but a diagnosis. The sum of a lot of disorders. If the stability of the wood stays, its durability is ruined, and diabetes is uncontrolled, then the body quickly collapses. Our heart, kidney, eyes, teeth, nervous system may cause complete or partial destruction of vital organs, due to uncontrolled diabetes.

A diabetic patient has twice the risk of being attacked more than others, risk of stroke or paralysis is six times, the risk of kidney failure is five times, the risk of blindness is 25 times, and the risk of losing legs by gangrene is 20 times higher. These risks, threats and chances are to travel around the life of a diabetic patient. But he can resist many of these risks, if there is full understanding of the disease. Those who are insulin-dependent diabetic patients, if they do not forget to take insulin or take less insulin, eat extra food and do no physical work, then blood sugar levels may increase to diabetic coma. "There are diseases in the world, there are ways to stay good." If there is life there will be disease and if you know the way to survival, it is not difficult to prevent disease. In some cases, prevention is much easier than treatment. Such as diabetes mellitus.

It is possible for everyone to know that blood sugar levels increase if there is diabetes, although glucose levels in blood sugar are more likely to be found in this disease. Glucose is the source of energy of almost all cells in our body. Diabetic patients regularly eat methi, their diabetes mellitus is low and the tendency to be stroke is relatively low. Fatty Better Diet for Diabetic Patients Our body has an organ called pancreas or pancreas. There are some cells named Beta Cell in the margin of this organ. Insulin hormones are produced from this beta cell. That is, the insulin necessary for the body is produced within our body. It is presumed that a normal weight body produces 24 units of insulin in 24 units per unit of 1 unit per hour, and after consuming 3 times a day, there are 48 units insulin production, including 8 units of 8 units per day. The task of insulin is to transfuse blood glucose into various cells of the body. When the production of insulin decreases or decreases its function, blood glucose levels increase and the amount of glucose inside the cell decreases.

If diabetes patients eat sterile honey, it will be poisonous for them. Restricted diets like diabetes are prohibited for diabetes patients. Generally, both genetic and environment effects are responsible for diabetes. At age 30, whose height is higher than the weight, those who work hard or not, those who work hard or not, who have high levels of food intake, hereditary factors, some disorderly diseases like thyroid disease, pancreatic disease etc., some steroids Due to national medicine, more mothers (both in cigarettes or in normal), who have one or more major operations, who are Atratirikta smoke or drink alcohol are greater than the size of the stomach Walk Walk the size of the buttocks, whose blood cholesterol (Triglycerides), and many more, sad person, because of malnutrition caused. In these cases, blood glucose should be measured at least twice a year.

Common misconceptions: Acute bites of diabetes! It is often said that eating diarrhea or eating more than usual, will be beneficial. Many people organized nimempata pills, karla juice, or bhatia khan. Is there really any relation between bitterness and diabetes? There is no scientific basis in this matter. None of the researchers who diagnosed with diabetes found any link between eating diabetes. It is necessary to walk fast every two and a half hours daily. Do not walk on empty stomach and barefoot Walk speed should be fast, so that sweat from the body falls. Extra and untimely sleep will be left. At the height of the height, the weight should be equal to the amount of fat that you should have as much as you should. Worldwide kidney failure is one of the reasons why uncontrolled diabetes! Up to 40 percent of diabetes patients can be suffering from kidney disease or nephropathy, and its costly treatment is not possible for many!

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