Details about Core i3 Core i5 and Core i7

At present, when we buy laptops or desktops in stores, the names of different processors are called. Such as Core i 3, Core i5, Core i7 etc. That is, a word called core with the processor has been applied, so that we can naturally raise the question that what is the processor core? The processor's core is made up of a separate process unit, that is, a processor and a few small processors. Simply put, core is a part of the processor, which works for the processor. Well, this is an example by saying - Suppose there are 2 employees in a shop. Now two customers come to the shop. So two employees will be able to work with two customers at the same time. However, if there are 4 customers in the store, then 2 people will have to wait to get the desired work done. So what can I do now? Now if the shop is given to 4 people, then 4 employees will be able to do the same at the same time, and the time will be less and 4 will be done for the customer. So the processor here is the store and the core is the staff. Now let's find out, about the core Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. Many imagine that Core i3 has 3 processors, Core i5 has 5 processors, and Core i7 has 7 processors. So let's know the exact thing about them.

Core i3
Core i3 processor is basically a Dual processor. Because this processor has basically two logical core and 4 threes. Basically, this processor is a processor of Hyper threading technology. Hyper threading technology is a processor core that will be two times the core. Now let's say about the processor's cashmere. The processor's cache speed will be as high as the speed of the processor. In this continuation, Core i3's cashmere is 2 to 4 megabytes. On the other hand, a laptop has a cash limit of 2 megabytes. But it can be 3 to 4 However, this is mainly a Dual Core processor. Now if we want to do a normal job - for example, browsing the Internet, doing Microsoft Word-Excel work or doing light-working tasks, we'll use Core i3. Because it is a good core for that work and it is also cheap at price.

Core i5
Core i5 is basically a quad core processor. However, no hyper threading technology was used in it. Despite being a quad core processor, it does not work like a octa core processor because it does not have hyper threading technology. But its convenient aspect is that it has 4 logical core As a result, Core i5 processors can work almost twice the speed of Core i3 processors. We can use this core i5 to work in gaming, video editing, graphics design etc. Here's another thing: if i use Core i5 processor for laptop, I'll get two cores here and 4 threes. But Core i5 is used for the desktop computer, there is no thrived on it.

Core i7
Core i7 is a popular processor. Core i7 is a very powerful processor. Those who work with great editing, work with gaming, work on 3D, animation designs, they usually prefer this core i7 and use it and do it. Because, Core i7 is a processor suitable for those tasks. Core i7 has four logical core and 4 more thrives. It's basically a quad core processor but works like an octa core processor. Hyper threading technology has been used in this. Core i7 can have cache memory up to 6 to 8 megabytes. However, there is a slight variation between Core i7 processors on laptops. The laptop has a Core i7 processor, which is basically 2 cores or 4 cores. These 2 models are seen more often. For example, Core i7 processor with core core i7 processor and 4 core cores.

Finally, let's make sure that each core is used for any purpose. Our processor core depends on our work that we want to do. If we are a general computer user For example, if we listen to music, type, movie, browse the Internet, Core i3 is suitable. Again, if we do multitasking - like playing games, doing graphics, video editing and doing great work on the internet, Core i5 is suitable. And those who did this in 3D, animation design, video rendering, advanced gaming, they used core i7. Apart from these Core i7 does not have much work.

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