Computer or mobile use, due to eye problems and to prevent it!

Today's post is computer or mobile use due to eye problems and to prevent it? Take it. The present era is the digital era. In this era, computer or mobile is a daily necessity. So all the people of the world use less or more computers or mobile. Many of us who use computers or mobile do not know that long time the computer or the mobile is used to damage the eyes. But if we are a little aware, then we can avoid the loss of eyes. So let's first do not know from the bottom, what is the problem of our eyes when we use a computer or mobile, and how we can survive.

Eye problems in computer or mobile use: vision loss of energy, water in the eyes, eye irritation, eye pain, light in the eyes, helplessness, headache and neck pain. Other problems may also arise. Let us now learn how to prevent these problems.

Things to solve eye problems in computer or mobile use:

  • During computer or mobile use, the distance of the eye should be at least 20 inches to 28 inches.
  • Controlling the display of the computer or the mobile, the brightness level should be kept in the eye. In order to keep the displays light in your eyes, you need to be kept in such a level.
  • During the computer or mobile use, you can often have eyeballs. (Normally the eye glow 12-14 times per minute.)
  • Try to use a computer or a place where there is light. Many people use computer or mobile in the dark. That means stop the house lights. This habit needs to be avoided.
  • When using computer or mobile, you can look at 20 seconds to 20 feet away every 20 minutes. And you can close your eyes for 20 seconds every 30 minutes. This practice is helpful in maintaining the comfortable feeling of long time in computer or mobile use.
  • For those who use computers, there is a computer glass that can be bought in the market. This glass will protect you from extra bright lighting.
  • Keep a little bit of computer or mobile brightness. Some of the mobile's brightness auto reduces, but there are lots of light. There is a lot of software to reduce the brightness of this light, you can use them. Before I have posted a post about such a software, you can take a look.
  • It is not okay to use a computer or mobile for a long time. So it should be avoided to use computers or mobile for some time. If possible, you can water in the mouth and eyes in this break. You can also take a rest and close your eyes.
By following these methods I have given you, you can easily prevent the problem of using computer or mobile for a long time. So I will follow the steps above and keep your eyes always good. So how was my post? But do not forget to comment.

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