Adsense publisher? 10 things that must know!

Many of us want to know about AdSense tips, tricks. We try to answer them regularly through our Facebook page. To work with AdSense today, you have to know the 10 things you must know.

  1. Websites on such topics, which are your interests and very well known.
  2. Work with more than one website to increase revenue, write a check with each site.
  3. Google wants good quality unique content, which will be in good position in search. So take a look at this issue.
  4. Refrain from add-ons to sites written in languages that do not support Google. (Such as do not place ads on Bengali language)
  5. Do not target high paying keywords, emphasize quality content on blogs. Develop content targeting keywords and try updating your site regularly.
  6. Do not try to change the add-on code. If you have to change, then change from the AdSense account.
  7. Never add Google Add to the photo. The visitor is confused and Google does not support it, which could be the cause of AdSense ads.
  8. Adhesively add ads to the site. Do not encourage Visitor to click on add-ons by writing different.
  9. Regularly check your AdSense account. Suddenly, check the increase in clicks on your blog. If the inconsistency is noticed, then tell it to AdSense. And then your account will be safe.
  10. Do not try to open another account even if AdSense is active. Because it may be the reason for your current account balance. Because Google does not allow the use of multi accounts.

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