Lost City Atlantis! What was this civilization really?

Lost City of Atlantis, many may know. For thousands of years there has been much debate about this mysterious city. Many believe and many do not. Yet many researchers are constantly searching for that lost civilization. But to this day, the name of this mythical city remains in the mind of an unknowable mystery.

The existence of Atlantis may have been a myth that has been found only in myths. Atlantis was an island at the base of the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis was first mentioned in the book "Dialogue Timehouse and Cretaceous" written by Greek philosopher Plato in 360 BC. There, Plato says the lost civilization is Atlantis, which was unequivocal in heroic heroism 7000 years ago. They had an irresistible tactic. They were occupied by most of Europe. But one day and night the whole island disappears in a horrible deluge.

Atlantis was not just a huge city, it was remarkable in all respects. According to many, Atlantis was founded by a god named Poseidon. Not surprisingly, Poseidon was the god of the sea, and he founded the city to attract a beautiful woman named Cleito. Poseidon built a large hill near the sea known as Atlantis.

Atlantis used to produce their own food. They reared animals and raised them for two purposes. They used to feed the animals for meat and for sale. Atlantis used all the endangered metals. They used metal products made from a mixture of copper and zinc.

The average life expectancy of the Atlantis people was about 800 years and their health and strength were incredible. That is why Atlantis was a primitive sample of humans. But considering everything, calling them aliens or jinni-fairy would not be wrong.

As many may know, Atlantis is known for its huge temples. Inside the temple were huge statues all made of gold and precious. The city was so rich and self-sufficient that they had no need to interact with any outside civilization.

It is impossible to say exactly where Atlantis was located. According to many, the story of Atlantis is completely fictitious. Many have claimed that no place or society or ethnicity has ever been on earth like the Atlantis of fairytale. According to Plato - Atlantis was a huge island. He also said Atlantis was within the Atlantic Ocean. Others believe that the site of Atlantis is now known as the Azores.

According to many theorists, people whom people think of Atlantis may think of them as aliens or aliens. Because the narratives found in Atlantis show that their mental nature was completely different from that of ordinary people. They were huge tall and their color was a lot brighter than the color of human flesh.

For many it may be that Plato resorted to a fictitious civilization called Atlantis, to illustrate his moral sayings, through which he illustrated his statements. But it is surprising to think that at the time this Atlantis story was written, there was very little opportunity in the world to look around. But the question remains, how reliable or credible is a city underwater?

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