For that 5 reason human civilization can be destroyed in the next 100 years !!!

Volcanoes are coming alive almost everywhere in the world. Molten lava and ash are not only affecting the environment after the outbreak, it is also becoming a threat to the fauna.

01. Super Volcano:

In addition to the common volcanoes, the cause of the scientists' headache is super volcanoes. There are several Super Valkyries around the world. And if one of them explodes, everything within that 100 km of the neighborhood will be destroyed immediately. And there will be so much dust and smoke that will damage the entire continent. As a result, sunlight will not be able to enter the earth for a long time. No grain will be produced. And mankind will inevitably fail to survive.

02. Particle eruptions:

If we think of the sun as a nuclear reactor, remember that the people of the world are living in a terrible danger. Almost from the sun, clouds of large clouds spread across space. This is called "coronal mask ejection". Although this happens temporarily. However, it is very unlikely to hit the earth. In 2012, such a particle explosion of the sun came very close to the earth. Scientists say that if the explosion of the particle hit the earth directly, any electrical apparatus and everything connected with it would have disappeared.

03. Climate change:

Many people may not believe that climate change is the cause of humankind's destruction. But some scientists are insisting that the balance of the earth will be lost due to climate change. As a result, by the end of the century, the world would have become ineligible for human living. Many say that our indifference to the environment and climate has already gone beyond our control. The situation has gone to such a point that it is no longer possible to reduce carbon emissions or reduce the amount of carbon in the air by greening. If the earth's temperature rises another 2 degrees, the sea surface will rise by at least 1 meters. As a result, millions of people will become homeless. The lack of food and pure water will only increase so much that it will go out of control. In short, the existence of humankind will be under threat.

04. Asteroids:

Asteroids are the fastest and most reliable cause of earth's destruction. Because a planetary collision with the earth has happened before. Many years ago an eclipse 10 km wide hit the earth. At that time the dinosaurs went extinct. Researchers say that if a planet just 01 km wide hit the earth, the consequences would be fatal. This will create so much dust in the earth's atmosphere that the sun's light cannot reach the earth. As a result, no crop or tree can grow. The consequences of this are severe famine and subsequent death.

05. Nuclear war:

There is no chance of the nuclear war being wiped out. For the past 70 years, people on earth have been living under the threat of nuclear war. However, this time is different. Experts say, as the days go by, the threat of nuclear war is getting stronger. And if that happens, then surely our life expectancy is going to end. If for some reason nuclear-powered countries continue to cause nuclear explosions, there is doubt about whether humanity will survive. And if anyone lives, his life will be unbearable. Because then the temperature of the earth will decrease. Fruit production will be impossible. New diseases will arise. And above all, people will die without eating.

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