Five mysteries that science has not yet known

The natural wonders of nature naturally thrill people. And there are places around the world that are not only strange, which may seem like they are not the creation of our world. These places not only amaze or amaze people, but also give the scientists a unique look. Today's episode will tell you, scientifically impossible but in reality there are five places.

01. Mobile cave

Near the town of Mangalia in the southeastern Romania, there is a quaint cave called Movile Goa. Naturally, the mouth of the cave was closed at least 55 million years ago. But inside the cave, a completely different ecosystem was created that surprised the scientists. Guhati was discovered in the year 1986 while working on a new power plant. Shortly after passing the tunnel, a huge chamber where the water is mainly rich in sulfuric acid. Inner air is toxic hydrogen sulphide and contains at least 100 times more carbon dioxide than the outside. Although there is very little oxygen in the air, it is surprising that a different ecosystem has been created. Scientists have so far identified 48 species of animals, of which 33 species are nowhere to be found on Earth.

02. The Double Tree of Carsoja

A strange thing has been discussed around the world between Grana and Carsoja in Piedmont, northwestern Italy. There is a healthy natural cherry tree there. But the funny thing is, the tree has grown on the head of a malware tree. However, there are many types of hay that grow on other plants and sustain life. But they are quite small in size and do not live very long. But the Malvari tree of the quasar survives, but the mangrove tree that grows on its head has also been cut off. According to the researchers, a bird dropped the seeds of the bird tree on the Malvern tree. And the root of the cherry tree has reached the soil, with the hollow stem of the malware tree. As a result, the cherry tree also has the opportunity to grow very easily on the head of the malware tree.

03. The sleeping city of Kalachi

Kalachi is a small town in Isil district in the Atmola region of Kazakhstan. But the residents here are going through a strange problem. More than a fifth of people in the city suffer from Sleep Syndrome, according to a 2014-page report. That is, people are falling asleep suddenly without any reason. At the same time, halogenation or memory vibration has also appeared among many. According to many, this is happening because of the influence of radiation because of the uranium mines around the city. But blood tests showed no such symptoms. When the outbreak spread like pestilence, it was decided to move half of the people to another location. Later, however, it was reported that people were suffering from sleep syndrome due to the reduced amount of oxygen mixed with carbon monoxide gas in some abandoned mines. But no sign of sleep syndrome was found in the town next to Kalachi.

04. A land of thunderstorms

If you are afraid of thunderstorms, you must avoid Venezuela's northern Kadatumbu River. Because every evening there was a heavy thunderstorm that continued till dawn. The thunderstorm runs along the Kadatumbu River where Lake Marakivu lies. Even though it is normal during the day, the storm clouds formed over a kilometer of river after dusk and lightning began. It is seen from 140 to 160 nights a year and there is a thunderstorm that lasts for at least ten hours. And the electricity astonishing 280 times on average. According to the researchers, the warm humid air of Lake Maracaiv, surrounded by three-dimensional mountains, produces electrical charges. And as it rises up, it produces lightning that comes in contact with cold air. Although there is still a lot of research going on with the lightning bolt of Kadatumbu.

05. Devil's Kettle

A state park has been built in Coal Grove, Lake Superior, Minnesota, United States. And the main attraction of this park is the waterfall known as Devil's Kettle. Strangely, this ratio is divided into two equal parts. It flows like a normal occurrence but the other half is literally lost inside the mountain. Many people think that this water falls into a subterranean river. But where this sub-river has ended has not been able to be ascertained yet. Scientists have tried various ways but every time they have to become frustrated.

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