Facebook new feature!

Social media is becoming more and more useful to Facebook every day. Adding new features every day Video auto-play options added a few days ago. Then added live options.Users can have more contacts with friends and relatives through the new feature that is going to be launched in the Facebook news feed. The feature has been named, 'What Friends and Talking About'.

Through this, friends' updates can be seen in a separate box. The updates that you have not seen since your last login since the last login has been shown in this box.

This new feature of Facebook will be adapted to suit Twitter's 'yes you are awa'. Some of the Android app users currently enjoy this facility. However, Facebook has not confirmed anything yet.

In the feature, the updates of friends will be phased out in a small box like Chatbox. There will be updates to the comments posted in the post of friends not only here. The new feature is being brought to encourage users to communicate more about themselves or to comment on their own posts or images.

It is known that this feature is still in the experimental stage. However, the feature will be open to the world ...

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