What is VPN? Everyone should know the 5 reasons to use VPN

VPN is a virtual private network. With VPN you can browse any web site in the world using a virtual location. Did not you understand that Mr? Then keep reading the rest of this post. At one point, the matter was clear. Get out to see whether it?

In today's post I will tell you 5 reasons why you should know long ago about VPN and computer security. In the past, many people may use this tool called VPN (Virtual Private Network) for Internet and Security. There are many situations when it becomes necessary to use your VPN. I would like to tell you today about those 5 unstable situations when I think it is better to use VPN. Nare, brother, not just me, but everyone thinks so.

IP Tracking Prevention:

One of the biggest functional benefits is that VPN will give you ample privacy. When you are connected to a VPN, the web sites will not see your actual IP address. They can only see the IP address of the VPN. Since many are using this server, it can be a little difficult to find you differently. Search engines and other websites will not be able to track your actions. Even if you use a school or office network, they will still not be able to monitor you.

VPN for public WiFi use:

In another case, I must say to use VPN and that is to use public WiFi. Open Public WiFi Hotspot is a hotspot that does not require a password to connect to WiFi. It doesn't even interrupt data exchange on your device and hotspot. That means your data can also be hacked if you use free WiFi zones. See this article about this. So if you want to stay safe in the free WiFi zone, you must use VPN.

Unless you are using a web site with https protocol you will be in a lot of danger in the free Wi-Fi zone. And by this you are allowing everyone to know your information without your knowledge. But every time you connect to a VPN, it is encrypted by the VPN every time the data is transferred to the computer. So if using VPN it won't be a headache for you to question whether it is open public WiFi or not! Because the connection is secure. You can also use VPN on your smartphone if you don't want a computer.

Bypass School / Office Web Filter:

Your VPN will help you bypass web filters in schools or offices. I'm not asking you to waste your time. But think, when you visit a website, if you see it blocked, how do you feel? That doesn't have to be too good. Suppose the YouTube web site on your PC is blocked. But you need to watch an important tutorial on YouTube. If you visit the site at that time and see what you do when the site is blocked? No need to do too much, you connect your VPN then browse to see that you have simply gone to the YouTube site.

To avoid ISP throttle:

If you are going to be throttling from Internet Service Provider (ISP) then you need VPN. While not all ISPs do, some ISPs make your Internet world smaller. When you use VPN, your ISP will not be able to throttle you. That means the company that gives you the internet connection blocks many web sites. Usually you cannot visit this school web site. But if you want to connect VPN, you can visit everything in Aram. And thus, your internet access experience is expected to be good.

Block Website visits to different countries:

Many times the web site of one country is blocked in another country Suppose you are now in Bangladesh but a site in Bengali America is blocked. Now if you want to visit the site you have to go to America. But if you are a VPN user, you can visit this site using the virtual location of the US based in Bangladesh. In our country, Facebook is sometimes blocked. In that case you can go to America via VPN and run Facebook from Bangladesh. its fun. Is not it?

Best VPN:

If you search on Google you will see the names of many VPNs. However in between these VPNs I would suggest using Hotspot Sheild (Chrome Extension) or NordVPN (Chrome Extension). NordVPN has some of the most advanced features. Besides, their options are very friendly so it is not too difficult to use or operate. They have a double VPN server that I like very much. It's also easier to use. Moreover, this VPN can be used on computers as well as smartphones. Smartphone VPN options are very similar to computer VPNs. Check out this post to learn about the 5 best VPNs I use.

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