The 5 best VPNs I've used

What is VPN? Or if you do not know what to do with it then read this post first. Maintaining your privacy online is a big concern for all. In this case, VPN helps a lot in maintaining their privacy. Many types of VPNs are available. I will tell you today about the best top 5 VPNs among many such VPNs.

There are many VPN services to use. Anyone who likes it uses it. These VPNs are both paid and in exchange. Again, there are some VPN features that are free to use while the rest are hidden away. To use them, you have to pay a certain amount of $. Again, there is something completely open for use. Again there are some VPNs that must be paid to use every feature.

Currently it is difficult to find people who are not using the internet. But being safe in the Internet world is also a big problem. Virtual private networks or VPNs are working to give people this protection.

Tunnel Bear VPN:

Tunnelbear Design is a light and simple designed application. But do not take lightly the design efficiency of the design. It's a small VPN but plays a big role in providing protection. This is a free and subscription based model. This free version has some limitation. However, you can upgrade for free by sharing the promotion link on various social sites.

Key Features:
  • Personal Browsing - Protect your data and hide your IP address.
  • Tracker Blocking - Keep track of website trackers.
  • Bypass Country Censorship - Access to sites that are restricted to access.

It is very strong and easy to use. Currently this VPN service has 500 million users.

Key Features:
  • Website Unblock: Any type of blocked site can also be accessed.
  • IP Address: Protects your online activities from being monitored and ensures IP address protection.
  • Enomize Web Surfing allows you to browse without having to be tracked by anyone.
  • WiFi Security - Open public WiFi or those unsafe web sites provide additional security for use.
  • Web Session - Protects your data and personal information online with https encryption.

Xenmate is a lightweight browser. There is no sign up and only you will be provided with a secure and private browsing service using your email. After you install it, a green light display will signal that you are protected. Browser traffic is routed via Switzerland by default. But there are also alternatives, such as extension Hong Kong, UK, US and German proxies.

This free VPN gives you 500MB of browsing data per month. Which is usable on both PC and smartphone. Not only that, it has some interesting features as follows:

  • Traffic encryption
  • Private surfing
  • Geo-Restricted Site Access
  • DNS Leak Prevention
  • Automatically connected to WiFi network

This is truly an excellent VPN service. This is a VPN suitable for IT professionals. Moreover, they provide the benefits you expect from a VPN. Its speed is up to 100 Mbps / second. It comes with unlimited service. Which is why it is so perfect for traders. The funniest thing about RedMin VPN is that it offers 100% free service. It has no premium subscription and none of its features are locked for payroll. And you may be surprised to know that the software you have installed is a complete package.

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