Take care to reach the goal of 10 issues!

01. Software Skills

Now everyone has smartphones in hand, laptops from house to house. We have become so accustomed to the use of technology that it is very difficult to keep up with the times if there is no software skill. Many times we feel a sense of humor about the way our previous generation of people are generally obsessed with technology. The funny thing is that the world is moving so fast that if you do not keep pace, you will fall into that list of strangers and many younger people will feel the same kindness towards you!

So today, right now, start learning all that is right in the office suite - Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Editing. These skills will come in handy throughout your life, putting you ahead of everyone else than ten.

02. Guiding people

The stories of the rise of successful people around the world, including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, will all have one thing in common - they have always communicated with everyone, learned from the people around them and sought help. For example, if you do not understand a topic, you do not get into the head even after trying hour after hour. But in five minutes someone came and explained the matter to you as simple as water

On the road to life, there is a need for "someone" who will give you advice, help you make decisions. You can't go too far alone, you may have a lot of talent, but experience is an invaluable thing compared to anything else. The way an experienced man can help you reach you, you alone will never be able to reach that place alone. So today find a way to be a man, maybe your relatives, acquaintance older brother / anyone you can follow.

03. Outside reading achievement

Suppose you went to a job interview. Everyone around your eyes rolls in the CV, and if you notice with astonishment, there is no trait that can distinguish you among so many people! You are GPA five in SSC, HSC, everyone on your left is GPA five! Why would the employer take you?

Nowadays nothing happens with just education. What a world beyond the textbook - debate, business competition, how to solve case solving! If you have a creative quality, let it unfold. Join in various competitions, supervise the event. Not only will the CV be heavy, your store of experience will also be rich, if you have any experience in life, there is no comparison!

04. Corporate movements

We have teachers for us in education, their job is to teach us different things. When you finish work, you go to the workplace, but no one holds hands and teaches you anything. Everything is competitive there, at every moment you have to be ahead of your own initiative. So from now on, you have to learn the movements of the corporation, how to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone, how to solve various problems, how to present them in front of everyone.

Wondering how to learn? Maybe there are different movies, TV series (there is a TV series called The Apprentice. There are different versions of American, British, Asian, Australian, watching the series that will do a great job of learning corporate culture). Chat Lounge

05. Creating the CV

Many of us have an idea in the last year of university life that the CV will be made. According to experts but a CV needs to be created in the first year of university! There is a nice explanation behind this. When you go to update your CV at the end of a semester, you will be surprised to find that there is nothing else to add to the entire CV without modifying the point of the CGPA!

Throughout the semester you have not achieved anything that can be written on a CV! So every semester, your goal will be to achieve something, adjust your CV. What a surprise to see that at the end of university life, you are far ahead of the achievement of the people around you!

06. Learn to solve it yourself

As a child, life was much easier - de novo parents to any problems! No worries if they are! As you grow older, the burden of responsibility on your shoulders will increase. We have a habit of not finding a solution to a problem before we go to it, and we keep asking different questions, trying to get away. This practice will put you in a lot of danger at work. Learn to take responsibility yourself, and try to find a solution in the face of any problems. It is a very big quality to decide on your own, start practicing it from today.

07. Fear the presentation win

Do you have a fear about the presentation issue? No worries, there is no country in the world that people in the country are not afraid of presentation! Yet people conquer that fear and keep going. Take a look at Ayman Sadiq Bhai, the founder of this Ten Minute School. The first day he went to the stage to give a presentation, hands and feet shook, throat dry, with the line forgot what happened! But now with the light of education is spreading all over the country, I have been fascinated by the wonderful presentation of all!

08. Proficiency in English

English is an international language, this language must be proficient, there is no alternative. You have to learn today or tomorrow. You are learning English today, you may need to learn Mandarin tomorrow (interestingly 20% of people around the world speak Chinese, only 10% speak English!). It is impossible to have the skills of one of the two languages outside of the mother tongue, if you do not strengthen the occupation in English right now, but will be in dire trouble!

09. Set up digital profiles

Nowadays from the marriage market to the job market - wherever your Facebook profile is viewed very seriously, looking at a human's digital profile gives a rough idea about the person. Most of us have Facebook profiles all over the pile of selfies and sports status - it's not that bad, but are they telling you anything about it? Use Facebook as a Digital CV Showcase your creative talents, build friendships with people in the field you want to work with. Demonstrate your various work, achievements, just by looking at your profile, a wonderful idea of people can be made about you.

10. Networking

Do you know the greatest quality in the world? Knowing to be in the right place at the right time! So not only should you build skills, you have to inform people all over the place! From wedding invitations to business competition - wherever you go, always try to get acquainted with people. Your judges in the competition, or senior people working in your area of choice - will try to maintain contact with them even on Facebook.

Let them know when you see them, when looking for a job, your name must first come to their head! There was once a saying in the job market that "Mama uncle's in line", now it can be smashed! You can create thousands of "Mama uncle line" yourself using various digital platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, so start working from today!

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