Five tips for a good vacation

How much does it feel like during the test run! When the exam is over, I will do it, do it here, go around here, go there and so on. As soon as the test is finished, we can see that no other IDE is coming to the head. There are plans to get up at 6am in the morning, but no one can pick you up from bed before ten in the morning! Now that you don't have to spend a vacation in the corner of your room like a potato sack, here are some tips.

01. Please plan

I am not talking about planning a graph-flowchart with a regular paper pen. Have the plan in your head first. When planning, keep in mind that since you are a student, your vacation plan should be like a student, not a businessman or a jobber. You can relax on vacation, as well as do some productive work. In your plan, you must have a separate time for your various skill development in addition to sleep, mass chatting, movies and eating.

02. Stay in the routine

At the end of the exam, it appears that we suddenly get out of a regular routine. The sleep-eaters all become random. This randomness should be left with a little balance. In the morning, two hours of extra sleep can be given compared to other days. That is why it is not necessary to wake up at eight in the morning at eight o'clock. Likewise, eating unevenly, skipping a bale, and staying awake until late at night - will cause problems when returning to regular post-holiday life.

03. Do something new

If you're finally tired of eating the same boring Cox's Bazaar tour every holiday or every time at the same expensive restaurant, please try something new this time. Think about what it's good to do, what you're doing, but not doing. For a long time you thought you would learn a guitar or learn some things like photoshop or web page development. Use this vacation, decide which one or two you want to do well. If you have a hobby like gardening, singing, writing or painting, give them time. To do this you can attend various non-academic classes or learn online. Use this vacation to discover your true potential. Different part-time jobs, freelancing, tuition or internships at different companies - these are good options too.

04. Set a goal

The holiday is a time of retirement from the fatigue of the past, and a time to prepare for the day ahead. At this point, decide what you want to do in the days ahead. What do you think about life, what you want to do in life, how much you have to move towards what you want to do, what else will be better? You can read various motivational articles. Fix your ultimatum yourself, make sure that 'I'll do so much in a month after the holidays.' Be prepared mentally and physically for the days ahead.

05. Leave stress

There have been many tests, many studies, so the most important thing to do now, is to relieve yourself of stress. Put down all the stress you have. Travel to a new place, it can also be a park, where you can spend some good time. Some do yoga, meditation does all this. There is no pair of physical exertion for stress sweep. Cricket, football, badminton, cycling, swimming - whatever you like. There is no problem if you can not do it, there is a holiday, you can learn if you want. After all, do whatever you want to do to give yourself some good time.
Holidays are a great time to spend time with your family. Also for socialization. There is so much you can do, not to regret it later, ' I wasted such a long vacation like this! '

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