Five places that are impossible in the eyes of science but in reality

The natural wonders of nature naturally thrill people. And there are places around the world that are not only strange, which may seem like they are not the creation of our world. These places not only amaze or amaze people, but also give the scientists a unique look. Today's episode will tell you, scientifically impossible but in reality there are five places.

01. Boiling river:

There is a river within the Peruvian Amazon forest whose water is always leaking. Literally, the water of this river is boiling hot and some of the living pot in the water melts and becomes a skeleton. There is no definitive answer as to how this water is being produced at temperatures of more than 93 degrees Celsius or 200 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is thought that one of the grilling companies started digging here and in a fatal accident the hot gas from the interior started coming out which mixed with the river water and created such hot water. However, to the locals, the river is an immense power. They often meet on the banks of the river to pray.

02. Lake Karache:

Believe it or not, your death is guaranteed only if you stand for hours beside this lake. Even for no known reason, your death will be caused by nuclear radioactivity. Lake Karate is located in the middle of the flying mountains of northern Russia. Russia built a nuclear weapons factory in 1957 along the lake. At that time, a nuclear waste warehouse exploded, and deadly radioactive material spread all over Lake Carche. But now the lake is covered with concrete. But still standing near this lake for a long time, anyone's death is imminent.

03. Teo Sound:

Tayos is a small town in New Mexico, United States. And this is where locals have been hearing the sound of a low frequency noise since the 1990s. Although it sounds like the sound of a distant engine, the origin of the sound is still unknown. Strange but only locals or sometimes tourists hear the sound. That is why researchers have come to the field to take the edge of this mystery. Many presented different information. According to some, the noise is caused by a power line being pulled through the city. According to some, the term is the result of the movement of the underground lithospheric plate. However, no one disagrees about the word that is strange.

04. Namibia Mystery Circle:

The mystery of the Snambia Desert that has not been unveiled today is the FairyCircle mystery. In the vast grasslands of the desert, some places are seen, with circles where no trees, grass or anything is grown. These naturally occurring cycles are 7-49 feet in diameter. Scientists have long been researching why and how these cycles are formed. Scientists have been exposed to various causes including radioactivity, poisonous plants in the soil due to a type of whale. But in the end, none of the smoke survived. So far, scientists have been researching the exact cause of the mystery of the desert.

05. Kettle of the Devil:

A state park has been built in Coal Grove, Lake Superior, Minnesota, United States. And the main attraction of this park is the waterfall known as Devil's Kettle. Strangely, this ratio is divided into two equal parts. It flows like a normal occurrence but the other half is literally lost inside the mountain. Many people think that this water falls into a subterranean river. But where this sub-river has ended has not been able to be ascertained yet. Scientists have tried various ways but every time they have to become frustrated.

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