What is a Virtual Desktop? 14 Master Tips for Using a Desktop or Laptop

Computer is nowadays at home. Now all the fields have been computerized. So it can be said that we are all dependent on computers in some way. We all have ideas about computers. In fact, if you have no idea about a computer, it is not possible to work with it. Since we have all developed a computer-centered life and the idea that computers are good will continue to advance, we should have special knowledge about this computer. Today I will teach you some computer tips that will make your computer easier to use and more interesting. So let's know about these particular computer tricks.

Virtual Desktop:

With the Virtual Desktop feature, you can create one computer at the same time as a virtual computer at 5/6. Each virtual desktop works like a computer. Suppose you are now listening to music using the media player. If you want to watch a movie at the same time, we usually use another player. But with the Virtual Desktop feature, you can create different desktops within the same PC and work differently on different desktops with the same software.

  • To create a virtual desktop, click on the number 1 in the image above and enter virtual desktop mode.
  • Then, as soon as you click on the number 2, the virtual desktop will be created. You can go to any virtual desktop by clicking on the number 1.
  • Press ctrl + win + D to create a virtual desktop on the keyboard shortcut. Press the ctrl + win + right arrow or ctrl + win + left arrow keys to move between virtual desktops to another virtual desktop.
  • When the virtual desktop you want to close is open, press ctrl + win + F4 [laptop ctrl + Fn + win + F4] on the keyboard. The Virtual Desktop feature only works on Windows 7.

Avoid installing Quick Programs:

We usually close our eyes very close to the program / software installs. Don't forget it. Many unnecessary programs are installed on your device. Most of these are poor quality programs. So I would say refrain from the quick install option of shortcut to everything. Use Advanced Options or Custom Options. If there is something unnecessary, uncheck it and send it to Next.

Quickly access files, folders, tabs:

Have you opened so many files, folders or tabs at work? The problem is that it is very difficult to find such a file folder together. You can use the multi task window to solve this problem. All files, folders, tabs, menus that you open will be displayed simultaneously. And it looks pretty cool too. After opening many files, folders, tabs, menus, press windows (key) + Tab together. Then you can see all the windows at the same time.

Text selection options:

We all work less in the office ward or office dock software. Of course, we have noticed that when we want to select the text, click on the left mouse button and select the drug. If you select once by clicking, you will understand that selection is being selected as a character. Again if you start the selection by clicking the left mouse button twice, you will see that the selection is being selected as a word. And if you select the left mouse button three times and start selecting it, you will see that every time you drag the mouse, the paragraph is being selected.

Chrome In-Site Search:

If you want to search for a specific page / group / person / topic on a particular site, this option will help you from the list of hundreds of search results. For this, go to the Chrome browser and enter the address of your desired site in the search bar and then a ". "Enter the name of the page / group / person / topic with this symbol and you will get it directly. For example, I'm asking for a "shikkhamela" page on Facebook. In this case, when I write facebook.com, Facebook will recommend when the browser then presses the right arrow (1) key on the keyboard and pressing the space key "." This sign will sit automatically. Then after entering the shikkhamela search, I will get straight to the page.

Bring back the browser's closed tap:

Not only for those of us who run Chrome browser, but it's also a shortcut on all browsers that is sure to benefit everyone. We sometimes forget to go to work or cut tabs from the browser for today's convenience. In that case, if it seems that you need to go back to the tabbed website, you will not have to open the new tab and enter the address again. If you press Just control + shift + t the previous tab will come back. This way, as many times as you press the cut tabs will come back to it.

Loop YouTube video:

If you want to watch the same video over and over again on YouTube, such as video tutorials, then this is for you. When the YouTube video is played, right-click on the mouse and turn on the loop option from the menu. Or if you have a habit of listening to music on auto play, you will definitely not hear the same loop over and over again. So right-click and then turn off the loop option. In some cases, if you do not find the loop option, move the mouse to the same place and click the right button twice. Only then will you get the classic settings.

Change Website Content:

It's so funny You can use this technique to surprise friends. You can change the cover page of any website. You can have fun by scaring a friend very quickly. As you think, I will change the cover page of Instagram and say "Log in with the switch". Then first right click on the page and click on inspect. Then go to the console option by typing document.designMode = "on" and press Enter to change everything you want. You can write whatever you want by deleting or deleting it. This is actually an HTML copy of the web site.

Easy command prompt:

The people we work with at the command prompt often have to show the location of different drives / folders in the program command. You have to type and write it yourself. But there is an easier way. In the search bar of the drive or folder you want to refer to the command, type cmd and then press enter and at the command prompt you will see that your drive / folder location has been marked.

Run shortcut:

We regularly use this feature on windows-7/10. Everything we do throughout the day is stored in the run's resent, temporal file. These waste memory of RAM. So they have to be cleaned regularly. In this case we usually go to Windows option and type run. You may have to do this repeatedly every day. But you can get this run feature by just pressing windows (key) + r.

Gmail Undo:

At Gmail we all exchange less mail. It is often seen that in a hurry, I pass the mail of one person to another. There is a lot of mail that is very confidential and sensitive. If you forget to send the mail to another person or send the mail without proper means that you need to cut it off, you have the option to undo Gmail. Go to Google Settings and in the General tab you will see the option named undo send. Here you can set the time you want to undo after each mail is sent.


We have a lot of mail that needs to be delivered to more than one person. In this case you might want to send cc / bcc. But there are messages that have to be given a genuine copy so cc / bcc doesn't work. You can fix the problem by typing the address of each email in the To box and entering each email address with the plus sign (+).

Bypass shut down and update:

Many times it is seen that we are going to turn off the PC. But your very important task is to turn the PC off right now. In this case you are sure to look for alternate shutdown options? Press Alt + F4 [Desktop Fn + alt + F4] to get an alternate shutdown. You can also get an alternate shutdown menu by pressing control + alt + delete.

Tab in the text field:

We see different text fields when logging in or registering different accounts. To fill them in, we fill in another field with the click of a mouse. But you can fill the field without having to click the mouse separately. Just press Tab and move the fields one by one and the cursor will move automatically.

This was discussed in detail today. I do not know what you mean. Even if you like it, share it with your friend and let them know. Only then will our writing be successful. And we are encouraged to write a better article.

Thank you so much for reading the article discussing your valuable time. I hope that through this article you have learned, understood and learned a little bit. Still, if someone has difficulty understanding or informing us of any kind of problem then we can report it to us. We will try to solve your problem, InshaAllah

Today so far Again, you will be presented in front of any other technical article. Be well, stay healthy and stay in touch with the state. Thanks ...

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