The 15 mistakes that make your smart phone go away slowly

If you are asked to list your favorite things, then the smart phone will definitely be on this list. For many, the first name on this list will be Smart Phone. Smart phones are just as smart as hobbies, so smart. At the rate at which the current smart phones are being updated, it can be said that many great things will be done through this. Do you know that you are doing yourself damage to this device even without your own knowledge? Readers, today I will introduce you to the many wrong things for which your phone's stability is diminishing.

01. Low heat avoidance:

Something is not as good as something is not good. It's not okay to play heavy apps or games in extreme cold. The phone wastes more battery power to keep its components active. Keep the phone in the jacket pocket over winter. Many of us become so unhappy that we sometimes forget to keep food out of the refrigerator while keeping the mobile (I am the creature of this tribe) or throw my hands into the mobile water. Without worrying too much, quickly remove all external phone (battery, SIM, SD card) and let it dry on some rice in light sun. You can save the phone if good luck.

02. What is the % charge that you will re-charge?

Many of us think that the best time to charge a mobile battery is to give the mobile zero charge and charge again. But this idea no longer applies to current mobile batteries. There is no problem when you can charge the present-day Li-Ion and polymer batteries with a happy charge. But to keep your phone battery healthy, you can charge when it is 5 to 20% charged.

03. Always keep in charge:

We all understand that charging the mobile all the time causes both battery and mobile damage. But this theory also does not survive this time. The charge controller component is added to the mobile and chargers to prevent the current from overflowing. But everything has a patience limit. Likewise, keeping the charge on a constant charge reduces the efficiency of these components, and at the same time, both the battery and the mobile are at a disadvantage. So it is best to keep the charge not always.

04. Buy cheap chargers:

We all think of ourselves as smart if we can buy something at a lower price. 90% of our electronic content is not made in China. Needless to say here the value and value of the Chinese product are not stated here. Much cheaper than this Chinese product and the low-quality charger is currently available in the market. We buy these cheap bad chargers to save a little money. But even if you can save a little money on this cheap patch, you are damaging your smart phone. Because cheap chargers are made using very low-quality components. This results in a properly controlled ampere, not a voltage supply. Moreover, the charge controller is of very poor quality and the shock resistant is low. In addition to these, there may be further hazards in addition to the loss of battery on the mobile, such as a fire through short skit. So I would say not cheap or expensive but buy a good one and be good.

05. Fast charger use:

Everyone likes to charge fast. But remember that hurrying is never good. Likewise, avoid the ultra fast charger for fast charging as it damages your mobile battery and screen. Avoid those that usually charge in less than 1 hours.

06. Keep the back cover open while charging:

Be sure to use a back cover to decorate or protect your mobile. However, when charging, open the back cover of your mobile phone and charge it. It will be good for small components on your battery and mobile. Because when we charge the phone, it produces an electromagnetic field which is harmful to the weak components of mobile. With a back cover, the electromagnetic field can't get too out of the phone.

07. Battery fully discharged and charged:

We charge and discharge everywhere on the 30th day of the month. But no matter what you do, discharge your battery at least 1 times every 3 months and charge 100%. It has good battery quality.

08. High heat avoidance:

Many of us leave the workplace or work mobile in a place where intense sunshine comes after a while. The battery of our mobile phone absorbs heat and inadvertently destroys the battery. Again, many of us took the cook to the mobile kitchen and put it in the vicinity of the stove. Avoid them.

09. Bright wallpapers and ultra brightness:

We use ultra-bright wallpapers or live wallpapers as a hobby. Again the brightness of the phone flowers. If you still do, avoid it now. These reduce the battery life of your battery. It's enough if you keep Brightness 30-40%. And use Auto Brightness when you are outside. Instead of live wallpapers, use wallpapers of other colors that are normally bright or light in white and black.

10. Phone charges during a thunderstorm:

High risk of mobile charges during storms and thunderstorms. Because this time the current updates as well as the effect of the external environment on the device. Moreover, high gig volts of lightning can easily affect electric transmission wires. It is important to refrain from using any device at this time, not just mobile.

11. Display care:

Smart phones mean touch screens. We work on this screen all the time. So it is normal for the stain to become dirty. But do not use the glass cleaner to clean the most well. It contains ammonia. It's not okay to use any liquid. Clean the display with soft cloth. Clean the ports on the mobile with a toothpick carefully.

12. Side casing use:

The back cover of the phone does not disperse the heat as it increases the heat of the phone and for this the phone gradually slows down. You can use side casing in the solution. As a result, the beauty of your mobile will be exposed to injury as well as the phone will be less hot.

13. Use the phone while driving:

It's not OK to use the phone while driving. Phone with your own loss. Moreover, while the phone spends more battery to get the network while driving, the phone also gets hot so it is not ok to apply pressure on the phone at this time.

14. Updating Apps:

We update our phone frequently to take care of it without buying a phone. That's not right. First read the reviews about the Update App to see if anything new has come then update. Otherwise you will damage the phone with unnecessary updates. Moreover, not all updates will support your phone.

15. Use of cloud storage:

Now more and more all new mobile phones are provided with free cloud storage. So use it. Keep all the data, phone numbers, pictures, videos, files you need in it and be completely safe as it is impossible to say when your mobile can go to heaven. (just Kidding)

In today's post I wrote about some of the general care of the phone. Although the care is common, most of us do not accept it, so after a few days with the problem of the phone go to the servicing. Be a little careful and follow these general care and you will see extraordinary results.

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