Some Directions to Become a Good Software Engineer (Part - 01)

Everybody advises to be a good programmer, to be a good software engineer, but the most problematic problem faced by the students, then how will they be? Because no one tells the way. As if someone wants to be a good programmer, many people say more practice coding. But a student can not understand how much more coding can be practiced. Then he is not even practiced.

In the case of competitive programming, there are some guidelines available. For example, there are many websites where there are hundreds or thousands of problems, which the students are trying to build themselves up to do. If you do not have a problem, you can take help from others. Then there are many contests every month where participants can be tested themselves. Ratings show that he has no position in comparison to others. That's why compatible programming is fun by the students of our country, and those who participate here can greatly increase their programming skills, compared to others.

But the question is Half Competitive Programming, since it is not all and software engineers need more, so students are more concerned about their work and carrier overall. Confusion after being confident It is astonishing that why there is so much lack of proper guidance in this country. I want to give some guidance today. But this is not very easy. Because there are many ways to become a good software engineer. If God wants to wake up in the morning, one can find himself as a good software engineer, and no one can get any results by passing my life over my guidance. Again, working towards the opposite direction can get many successes. Because a destination can be reached in thousands of destinations. All the paths are the right path if it gives you the destination. And printing my guidance will not make any profit if you move around in a pocket, its proper application is entirely up to you, and because of its non-implementation it can not be used for many times even after getting directions.

Let's get started ...

I will start with the character traits, because it is very important but we do not bother about this in our country.

If you are a good software engineer to be a programmer then you have to be very hardworking and patient. It's been a long time in the job that I had to work with many presses in the office all night. Or have to return home many nights. Rather than discussing whether it is right or wrong, it will come forward to know the reality of our lives. Patience is not enough to code in hours, or to work with solutions to a single thing. Little minded attention will not be lost. My patience was already in the grace of God, so I can not give you any suggestions on how to increase it. You can take help from others in this regard. And if you love programming and this profession then patience will be very easy. All my time passions were computer and programming. This is the pressure of this profession so I do not get involved. It does not feel too bad to take more pressure than before. If coding does not look good on you, you can think of whether it is for you. Just do not feel good to be employed. You have to enjoy your work, otherwise if you do not have pressure then you will go to the press.

You will see that you want to do a lot in university life, but can not take out the time, it always seems to be behind, classes, assignments, tests are not giving you time to slow down. That's why management is very important. You need to decide on a plan and how to study. You do not want Physics + A +, it's normal for Physics Sir to feel sad. So do not tell sir to say this But you have to have a plan of your own. Getting the mark in the exam and acquiring knowledge are different things. To get a mark is only a little bit of education. But all the subjects are important. The basic of these will be useful in some way. I'll just say that there's a big difference between A + A + You can understand a subject very well, but you have to give a lot of labor to get + a +. If you see that the programming will give you more work if you want it from physics, but it is your own opinion. I do not want to take responsibility for these things. I shared some tricks just so.

You have to save a lot of time. Chatting with friends, watching movies, staying on Facebook, roaming, playing games, etc. wasted a lot of time in Physics + Achieving power. So if you do not reduce them, you will never get time to do classes, assignments, and other tests. One of my sar said, "I do not see the drama of TV, if my life will be dramatic one day, then people will see the drama of my life."

Next English is coming. It is very important to be a good software engineer. Many people think of cutting Bengali texts, or videos to pass it out. There is no way, there is absolutely no way. You should be skilled at reading this, writing, saying, English 3. However, there is no need for writing or writing skills like literary writing. But pure, clear english desperate. To increase efficiency in this regard, reading English books and National Geographic type TV channel, will increase the practice of watching English video on Youtube. But read and learn things and try to understand and write English with attention. Many times we write English but are wrong, but do not care. Friends understand your writing and words by understanding grammar and spelling, but it will not work for the client. And if other software engineers talk to foreign teams if they do not understand you or you do not understand them, then you will not be able to use a good software engineer. Since it will take time to be made, so if you want to create a good software engineering career then it will have to be very important in English.

How do I look at career steps?

  1. Good programmer
  2. Good software developer
  3. Good software engineer
  4. Good Software Architect

1. Whatever you can do to be a good programmer:

  1. You can try to understand the details of programming language as much as possible. Many are just a little complicated to avoid the topic of pointer, threading, event etc. Half of a thing if you do not know that features will never be used in life. You will find that very few programmers in our industry write code using Professional Life pointer, threading, event. They always think that there was no scope to use them in their work, in spite of being skeptical because of avoiding these topics, they did not recognize them. You need to know where you can learn all the features from where you are learning the programming. If not all the covers at the university or training center, the rest will have to learn in their own interest.
  2. Computer Fundamental, Decry pt Math, Data Structure, Algorithm to learn better. I think that these subjects are taught in a good university in the classroom, if the students learn it with attention then enough. Some say that there are not many things taught in the university, sir can not be properly understood etc. But I also noticed that students do not learn these things in class from their own interest. Those who contribute, as much enthusiasm as they do in this class or after learning about these things, I think that what is taught in the class is enough. If Sir can not understand, then there are many good videos on the internet now, from there we have to learn and practice many more. The books that are taught in the class usually have many lessons behind those books, they can solve their own interest and show them to Sir. Or you can solve a few friends together. Get those friends who are good and serious in programming. Do not waste unnecessary time with those who do not like programming.
  3. To practice a lot. That's what everyone says, but how to practice. Algorithm Problems can be solved, at the beginning it will be very useful. Solve at least 300 problems. For this, you have to finish the number two point before. If you want to create small software, you do not have to learn the framework right now. People use a lot of software, which runs on the console. Can create games such as Hangman, TicTacToe, Ludu etc. With data read / write data in text file you can create more complex software, such as point of sale, inventory management. Even the MLM software was seen to be created.

2. To be a good software developer, you can:

  1. At least two years of university life will have to start thinking about the career. Better than before After going to the 3rd stage of cancer, if the patient tells the doctor, then the doctor will not return, but we know that it does not work very much. You need to choose a platform for software development. Just like what kind of software you are interested in. There can be a shortcut and longterm round here. But it is variable but it is important to change quickly if you understand the mistake. To get an idea about this, you need to do jhataaghati with the job and it should be done from the second year. In this you will know what you need to know about the type of job more and its celery or some companies work on this platform to work on those platforms. It's important to be important. If you are just knowing these things, you'll be far ahead of others. Because to get this idea, you have to regulate regular year on 1 year Job site. After passing someone else can not get this idea in 1-2 months. Then list them from here. Then think about it. Ask Experts if you have Confusion. Clear your thoughts in this way. In this you can understand what to do after applying, what to know, what to learn, to learn and what your career can be. Now you can choose from the information you like and move on. Here the suggestion can not be given that any platform is good or if you do it well. What should be your choice and market of that time? Therefore, regular bargain will be done with job site.
  2. The platform that you choose, one or more platforms of this platform, tools, etc. that need to work on that platform will have to be learned with good time. Here you have to adopt the same way as learning a programming language. That is, it is difficult to learn new things but it is difficult. But not all that after learning all you will start work. There are some new things you need to learn every week. Because the framework is huge, not everyone here can learn all at once. Can not remember Work and learning must continue together. It's important to learn new things and implement more projects. You can not catch your mistakes by projecting 1-2. If you can do 20-30 projects, many things will be cleansed but every project will not be of the same quality. Every project has to do better code than before, more time to do. Set the target and start a new project. Anyone can work with matching friends or colleagues.
  3. There must be very clear ideas about object-oriented programming. Regrettably, the easier it is to make it harder to say. I can only say, continuously studying this subject and applying it with very importance to my own project, and the only way to offer more prayers is to pray. I see less people like to help or recommend this topic in our country. There are many experienced developers, even I have a lot of senior people, with respect, many of them are afraid to talk about this. Since our industry is working in the press, Hardem was involved in this issue. And so, many people can not give time or experience experience. But we have to calculate the volume of our whole industry. Hopefully soon our industry will be aware of this. If you are sitting on reading about this, you will end up in a day or two. I felt like it, then after 1-2 years, I realized that what I understood earlier was wrong. That is why they themselves are very hard to flick. In case of learning, good books will be read and training. You can not learn much from Youtube. But seminars can see, I can learn a lot from the seminars. Other videos actually have nothing to do after the basics. There is still no good blog or website about this, anyone can tell. Sites and blogs have similar basic things, which are easy to learn. But with that knowledge, a practical knowledge is not available. Build relationships with those who are skilled at this country and follow them regularly. It will work a lot.
  4. Many will have to read the book. You have to read blogs too. Learn as much as you can. This time it will be more to learn. If you only know about it, then there will be no improvement with 100 projects. Books work a lot to learn new things You can also take professional training, while there will be a lot of less time to learn when the teacher is good. We do not get the results by training, they actually train without seeing the teacher's skills. If you are a teacher, you will learn a lot while training in Battala, and if a teacher is inefficient then going to the renowned training center will not work. Therefore, the teacher who examines his skills before the examination. You can go to the seminar, but here is the same formula, know the speakers before that.
  5. The mentality to spend money. I see a lot of software developers who do not want to buy a domain for 10 dollars. As a result, they do not even know how to point to the domain of hosting. What a great kipatami we are to acquire knowledge! Remember, it is impossible to acquire knowledge without spending money. Do not waste unnecessarily, but do not misbehave. You can keep a monthly budget, such as 1000 rupees. Spend it just behind your own career. You will see this monthly 1000 rupees one day, you will be taken monthly as a way to earn an additional one lakh rupees Insha Allah
  6. You have to learn and learn new technology as soon as it comes out. If everyone learns after you learn, then you will be after all in life. You have to learn the first time. Learn when to learn the first time. Many problems will not get help because of this, but the progress will be more and the profit will be more. As the hot topic for the blockchain market is now. Work on it. Cloud computing, Big data is still hot, I hope there will be many more days, do not be late for the work to start with them.

This was discussed in detail today. I do not know what you mean. Even if you like it, share it with your friend and let them know. Only then will our writing be successful. And we are encouraged to write a better article.

Thank you so much for reading the article discussing your valuable time. I hope that through this article you have learned, understood and learned a little bit. Still, if someone has difficulty understanding or informing us of any kind of problem then we can report it to us. We will try to solve your problem, InshaAllah

Today so far Again, you will be presented in front of any other technical article. Be well, stay healthy and stay in touch with the state. Thanks ...

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