Some Directions to Become a Good Software Engineer (Part - 02)

Everybody advises to be a good programmer, to be a good software engineer, but the most problematic problem faced by the students, then how will they be? Because no one tells the way. As if someone wants to be a good programmer, many people say more practice coding. But a student can not understand how much more coding can be practiced. Then he is not even practiced.

Yes guys, I started with the title of the first phase of some directions to become a good software engineer.So today we have appeared in the second episode. So let's get started

Here are some things you can do to become a good software engineer:

Until the previous step, we have reached many. Maybe it takes longer. But somehow it becomes. But at this stage, we are in danger. The topics you have to study here, it does not suit anyone. Because the result of this learning is not found in the hands. In many cases, it seems to have been the opposite. So it is quite natural to give up. Software engineering is a very broad topic. And new things are being added here every day. A regular seminar is a conference on this topic. But for those who understand, this is very interesting. 

Here you will find many books on software engineering. There are many books on how to do Requirement Analysis, how to Estimate, how to design, how to manage a team or work on a team. It should be read, training is very low in our country, it goes without saying. If you can, you can do the training (the same thing teachers need to be good and efficient), but if you can train abroad. Watch a course or video online. At this stage you have to have the mentality to spend money with your hands open. Nothing here is free. You've reached the basic level. Now if you look at money, it will not be easy to go in front of you. It's time for you to be an expert. Learn more, earn more money, and spend that money on learning more. 

When you come to this stage you really don't need to take too much advice from me. You will know for yourself what you need to do. If you do not do it then it is your job. But for those who want to see new but future, say OOP, Design Pattern, Architecture, Methodology, Software Development Process, Software Testing, Continuous Integration, Docker, Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data, these topics may come around. But if the newcomers take another 4-5 years to get to this stage, then some things on this list may change. But hopefully they will last for another 10 years or at least 5 years. 

It is not that you do not use them in software development. There is an overlap between software development and software engineering. However, those experienced software engineers spend a great deal of time and time on developing these issues, and can be said to be a senior developer or team lead. You have to learn them when this stage comes.

It is very difficult to learn these things alone. For those who start freelancing at the beginning of their career, this phase is difficult for me, in my opinion. There is no option to work on a team, but a team can be a remote team. However, learning can be a little difficult when remote. Because the remote team usually has a bit of excitement. If you work in a good company and your team has skilled people on this, you will learn very quickly. Flames alone are actually inhuman labor. I had to work hard at the beginning of my career so I know that. However, you do not have to give up. It is our responsibility to teach others what we are trying to teach ourselves. We left the country after learning about these and selling pictures on Facebook to share the benefits of the money I got there, but there are very few people who share this skill for the country. And so there is now a lack of people to teach them. So if there is hope you can learn, not just thinking about your life but also thinking about the country. Going abroad is not a problem, but from there, I hope to have a mindset for people of the country to share their knowledge.

Here are some things you can do to become a good software architect:

  1. Now you've gone to another height. Now experience is your biggest asset. You have come across all the previous issues, now you have to create something new or solve a complex problem by using them with the ultimate in experience. We sometimes hear that a pilot has experienced flying in the sky for 72,000 hours. Think about how many times she has planned. So much for you now. How many software designs you have designed in life, how many software problems you have solved, these skills will now be tested. Much profit loss will depend on you. Insolvency can be an institution for your mistakes, many can be killed.
  2. In this step you do not have to focus on coding. There are many people who cannot code well, they often say, I want to be an architect, so I do not need to know the code well. It sounds like a hammer. There is no question of being the architect of the little code that cannot fix it, he is daydreaming. I agree that there may be someone who can do it, but I am not counting someone as extraordinary here, and it is better not to plan on life as an example of such a genius. It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date with software engineering issues. It is not your main responsibility here to code as a hobby, but depending on the roadmap or direction you give, the whole team will work. So here you are playing the role of Army General.
  3. To be an architect you have to do a lot of work abroad. A lot of work has to do with enterprise level software. Work with a team of hundreds of programmers. Conferences and seminars will be held at home and abroad. There is no training system for this matter in our country now. So you have to learn abroad. Will have to mix and exchange with other software engineers and architects from abroad.

There are many things beyond what I have written that I cannot remember right now, or I have avoided saying I do not want to go too deep. I think what I write will give someone an idea, and if anyone can do it, I think I could give him as much writing as I can. There is no end to learning. I would be most happy if all had been learned after one post. There is a lot to learn, a lot to read, a lot to know. The beginning may be here, but the end may not be here. Today I wrote about this because I got many questions about career frustration and direction. I do not know what is good or bad, but my main objective is to come forward without hesitating in our situation right now. Even better than me, many people who read this article may find a lot to add to it, so let's say again we all have to come forward. If there is a gap in my writing, if anyone comments and shares it, my attempt is successful because of my writing, he shared something that he might not have done.

This was discussed in detail today. I do not know what you mean. Even if you like it, share it with your friend and let them know. Only then will our writing be successful. And we are encouraged to write a better article.

Thank you so much for reading the article discussing your valuable time. I hope that through this article you have learned, understood and learned a little bit. Still, if someone has difficulty understanding or informing us of any kind of problem then we can report it to us. We will try to solve your problem, InshaAllah

Today so far Again, you will be presented in front of any other technical article. Be well, stay healthy and stay in touch with the state. Thanks ...

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