Share the screen of Android mobile to your computer

Cast Android screen to computer. Ever wondered if your computer is a mirror of your mobile. What if you could see all the activities of your phone on the computer? So how would it matter? It's really funny. You can also see what you're doing on your phone on the computer.

All the mobile activities on the computer:

That's really cool. Many parents worry about their children's smartphone use. At present, you cannot keep your child away from new technology. But you can take care of them if you want. As you can see on their computer what they are doing on your phone. If they do something wrong, you will know about it. Now the question is how to do this? So what You might think doing this would be a very difficult task.
You may question whether you can or not. But don't worry, it's not a very difficult task. Very simple task and the steps of this work are also very few. Just think once you can make sure your child is comfortable with it, then what is the harm? Not just for parents who can do that on anyone's phone. But just like you do with others, if someone does this on your phone, it will be bad.

Do not be afraid because if you do this on any smartphone, the owner of the smartphone will definitely give you permission. And this will not be possible without your permission. And so your phone's security system needs to be monitored so that no one else can do that to you. Now let's get to the main task. All you need to see the screen of a phone on a computer is the Team Viewer app, smartphone, computer, internet connection. With just a few things you can connect your computer to mobile.

Today's post will teach you how to view a phone screen on a computer. So let's get started.

Step - 01:

First download the Team Viewer Host from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. After downloading it, install it. Once installed, log on to it. If you do not already have an account, create an account. This will add your name to the team view list. Now you go to the link from your computer's browser. Now sign in with your TeamViewer account that you just created. Now you can find your Android device in the list here. Click on connect option. You will now be asked to allow a Team Viewer app to be launched. Now click on OK. If the Team Viewer app is not already installed, you will need to install it now. And then the app will launch.

Step - 02:

The Team Viewer will now open a new window on your computer. But it still won't show the Android screen. Now you have Grand access to the Team Viewer app. Then note a new sign on the top of your Android smart phone. This will capture the screen of your smartphone as a permission will be asked. Click the Start button to grant permission. And if you do not want to give permission, cancel the Don't Show Agent option.

Now you can see everything on your phone computer like the picture above. Basically the phone's display will be displayed on your computer. From the computer, you can view and change the information of the phone, such as sharing things, apps, settings etc. It will only act as a mirror of your phone. No audio will be heard. You can see the display and phone movements but do not play sound or audio songs on videos. It is important to note that if you are careless about this, the unwanted person will be able to easily see all the activities of your phone.

It's really fun to watch a computer as a mirror of a phone, again. Be careful when it comes to using information technology. Then see if your success is guaranteed.

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