New obligation to open an account on Facebook

New obligation to open a Facebook account has been given. The biggest social media platform has already canceled the possibility of opening an account by hiding identity. If you do not add at least one profile picture and some special information for the account, Facebook is not going to open the account from now on. In addition to the new obligation, the user has to give the mobile number to Facebook. It is now difficult to open an account without providing profile pictures and mobile numbers in the name of account verification.

The IANS report said Facebook authorities have taken steps to stop inactive accounts and prevent anonymous harassment.

According to an IANS report, for those who have more than one Facebook account, giving additional information to Facebook has become a problem. These users will have to go through the account verification process to login to Facebook. If these accounts do not have a mobile number, then Facebook will ask for the mobile number and at least one profile picture. And Facebook is not going to open multiple Facebook IDs with the same mobile number.

Many have already deleted their actual accounts from Facebook in fear of the loss of privacy or personal data protection. Those users are logging in to Facebook to create another dummy or 'fake' account.

Users often do not give pictures or mobile numbers to these accounts. Even friends do not accept anyone on the list. Used to view various Facebook pages and to login to other apps via Facebook. Facebook will force them to give their mobile numbers and profile pictures as a mechanism against these dummy accounts.

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