How to Setup Windows 8, 6 or 9. (7 reasons to use Windows 10)

A computer operating system or OS is the sum of a number of computer programs that manage a computer's hardware and software resources or resources. The operating system is used as a task coordinator by manipulating programs / software on the computer as per user input instructions given on the computer. At present, different operating systems are operating in the computer world. Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC OS and Android are some of the operating systems. However, today I will highlight here some information about Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. And explain to you exactly why Windows 10 is so different from other operating systems and why you use this operating system. So let's see what are the 7 reasons why you should use Windows 10.

01. Free Upgrade:

Windows 10 has the advantage of free upgrades up to now. That is, those who used Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 before, can upgrade free from Windows accessibility. It is also understandable that Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is the latest Windows version, and that no other Windows operating system will be released. It won't be the same as the new version of Windows was released almost every year before.
But interestingly, the features, apps and other features of Windows 10 will be updated continuously every 6 months. In fact, Windows 10 is a complete operating system, so Microsoft Corporation does not think it needs to be upgraded anymore. However, after updating Windows 10 after every 6 months, it will be seen that after 2-3 years, it will be understood that Windows 10 and 2 years after the update is a huge update. As a matter of upgrade, the name will remain from the previous Windows 10 tie.

02. Security:

The second important reason for using Windows 7 is its security. It must be acknowledged by all that Windows 7's security system is better than all other Windows versions. It has its own defender. This operating system adds a number of important options to all previous security systems. Its defender is extremely powerful, but does not deliver custom antivirus. Moreover, as I said earlier, Windows 7 is a continuous operating system which means that Microsoft has been conducting regular research on it. Because of this, Microsoft believes that hackers or other things that threaten security can do nothing.

03. Help Support:

The third reason to use Windows 7 is the Help Support Expiring Date. That is, Windows 7's help support is higher than other versions. If no help is available, Microsoft will not be responsible for any Windows-related problems on your computer. You may even be deprived of virus protection, hacking protection or updated features. As a result, suddenly one day the computer may be able to say "Oops!" What kind of trial is that? " So stay tuned for the time to upgrade your file / document to upgrade to Windows 7.

04. Unstable Gaming Experience:

Now, the convenience of what I will say, maybe my gamer friends will be happy. Windows 10 operating system supports DirectX-12 without any hassle! Only the gamer friends will understand the need for the Direct X-12. DirectX software offers the taste of playing the best quality game by protecting your computer hardware compatibility with your game's visual graphics. That means you understand the upgraded DirectX version means more advanced feature-based visual gaming software. This will allow you to enjoy the best quality games, graphics, sound, reality.

05. X-Box:

The X-Box. Windows 7 has an X-Box app system. This app is available for all devices that are used by Microsoft Windows 7. From here you can install games, some shortcut software and some interesting features just like we did from the Google Play Store. Many of the fun games and apps in the Play Store can also be found here.

06. Two Update in One Year:

Windows 10 is updated every 6 months. The same was the case with other operating systems every year. That is, after every 6 months you can run your computer like a new PC with new features. According to Microsoft, new features are being researched and further developed. They are updating the updates in the form of half anniversaries, anniversaries and creators updates. It also has some free features that are regularly updated, such as Story Remix. With Story Remix, you can easily add video editing effects to various fun effects.
Special sound effect is also a special sound feature by which you can enjoy playing games or watching 3D movies by wearing a headphone.

07. User Friendly:

The reason is that all of you will be similar to me that Windows 10 has a lot of great features. Notable features include voice recognition. With voice recognition, you can train your computer to follow instructions. Apart from this, the Start menu is certainly better than Windows 8. It has a Night Light Power Saver that will protect your eyes from the Blu-ray. Has extraordinary notification bar. The task manager is also very updated. GPU is used for the first time in Task Manager. In addition, there are some other interesting features, including Explorer, that have been able to attract all users. The most important aspect is that it is more user friendly than any previous operating system.

In addition to all these reasons, I think you should upgrade to Windows 10 and leave the old operating system. At present, many people are facing a problem that many software is not working on Windows 7/8 or is having trouble installing. Because Microsoft Corporation has begun upgrading their software for an upgraded version. Lastly, if you want your device to operate safely and softly then Windows 10 is the best. And Windows-10 is user friendly on all computers.

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