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'Two years experience required'…! For Fresher, this is a horrible news story for a newly hired employee. Those who have just passed out, naturally have no experience. If no one will give a job without experience, how will it be? Here are two solutions. Either the companies will relax this compulsory thing, or the fresheners will get the job they already have.The first one is not in our hands, but the second we can?Wondering? What an experience again before a job. I'll talk about that today.

Well let's say another thing before that. We know that Bangladesh's education system is not like the developed countries of the world. It does not teach here what it really requires to be creative or to move on in life. Here is taught how to memorize capitalist education, how to compete with a friend and get behind him, how to bring GPA Five. But in real life when the knowledge is needed, it can be seen that the achievement in this year is really zero.

It is said that the day of the scriptural education is over. Now whether it be a job or a success in something else in life, the most evaluations are getting more Soft Skill or Emotional Intelligence. Communication skill, Punctuality, Critical thinking, Self-confidence, Quick research, Quick-learning skill, Problem-solving skills, team management skills, adaptability, and other areas of intelligence.

These skills do not melt into our textbooks, they come through a variety of challenges. Such as debating, participating in various competitions, organizing and so on.

Let's get back to the main point of this article. What do students usually do while studying? Either does no outside work, or does tuition. Of course, tuition is a great job especially for earning your own pocket money by leisure time. It is also seen that some run up to the cost of their university through tuition. But unfortunately, tuition is not officially considered a profession in the real world. That is why there is not too much value edition, mentioning tuition in the resume (CV).

In many cases, self-development is not done through tuition, as it is often taught in tuition which they have been studying for years. It involves repetitive teaching, not learning anything new, or tutoring.

So below are some opportunities to learn how to gain experience while studying:

Student Internship:

We have a misconception that internships can only be made after graduation. In almost all countries, there is a chance to be called 'Student Internship', in different institutions, students will be able to work in different positions that match their backgrounds. This internship is a lot like a part-time job, but in this case they work on a team leader team on a specific project. In it, the tasks of the particular 4 positions are taught through various practical tasks. As it gains experience, it can be added as a work experience to a resume (CV).

Volunteering based on skills:

This is called skill based voluntary work in English. For many of us, volunteering is done only for the service of the community, not self-development or self-achievement. That's wrong Volunteer work such as communication skills, leadership skills can be achieved as a soft skill, and job-experience achievements like this. Although voluntary organizations are not-for-profit, almost all organizations now operate very organically.

This creates an opportunity to work in different positions. For example, if you are a BBA student, you can take on important responsibilities in an organization like management, marketing or HR. If you teach CSE you can be an IT executive to oversee the IT functions of the organization. You will gain experience as you apply your acquired skills. And you can add that experience to your resume (CV).

University Club:

According to many, these clubs are just extra-curricular activities. But not It can also make you feel like volunteering, as well as giving you a work experience to add to your resume. Now almost all university clubs work in a pretty constructive way. As many departments as are needed to run a company, there are also separate departments, including the executive. Everyone's job is different. Suppose you have an interest in research. You can join the club's research department.

The rest of the team, including you, will be there to lead the Head of Research & Development. You will also be at the level of leading one at a time to gradually save the experience. Interestingly, all of this happened while studying at university. And you can add this work experience to your resume as well.

Part time job:

In Bangladesh, many companies now offer part-time jobs to university students. Work time also calculates university time. As part-time job experience gains, so does money. However, there is still a comparable part-time job opportunity in this country.

Startup Job:

Currently, creative young people are familiar with the topic of startups. Young people want to transform innovative ideas into a business. And the idea of becoming a business from this idea is called startup. Startups start with Idea, then a diligent team is formed, they work, if they succeed, then gradually the startup becomes a large and profitable organization. But they started out almost without money, so a professional could not hire anyone with a salary.

In this case, startups need skilled dreamer youngsters. Who want to gain experience with their own skills. By joining a startup like participating in creating something new, experience can be gained, that experience can be added to the resume.


For many of us, freelancing is a task. However, freelancing is just a form of work. Freelancing is when a client is contracted for a specific project without working permanently. The most popular works outside of technology are marketing, sales, writing, engineering and so on. Sitting in Bangladesh can work with companies / clients from the world's first countries. You can design the interior of a restaurant in America or you can run a marketing campaign for a Canadian brand.

Freelancing requires skill, lots of up-to-date study and learning new things. If you can be proficient, even in college, you can design electronic circuits for a company in America, right here. This way you can add a resume to a full-time job as you have worked for an American company.

You can obtain a Employment Certificate from 4 clients for proof. However, now freelancing is a very respectable and acceptable profession in the efforts of the government and various castles. There are several free ten-minute free courses for those wanting to work on what they can achieve outside of academia.

This was discussed in detail today. I do not know what you mean. Even if you like it, share it with your friend and let them know. Only then will our writing be successful. And we are encouraged to write a better article.

Thank you so much for reading the article discussing your valuable time. I hope that through this article you have learned, understood and learned a little bit. Still, if someone has difficulty understanding or informing us of any kind of problem then we can report it to us. We will try to solve your problem, InshaAllah

Today so far Again, you will be presented in front of any other technical article. Be well, stay healthy and stay in touch with the state. Thanks ...

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