Android users should change these 9 settings now

Like computer, Android mobile has many different settings as well as apps. There are many apps and settings that are extremely detrimental to the Android phone you love. The same is true for apps. However, readers today, through this post I will mention some of the settings that if you change, your Android phone will work fine and become super fast. Plus you get a peaceful experience using Android. So change the settings while you have the time and find out the 9 Android tips.

01. Phone Security:

Leaving your phone in sleep mode does not mean that the phone is locked. And if the lock is not exactly the same then anyone can remove the information from your phone freely. Lock screen is a must, especially for those staying in mess / hostels. For this, go to Settings and go to Security Options. Click inside the gear icon in the ScreenLock Settings menu and enter. From here you must turn on the power button instant lock, as well as set an automatic lock on your screen based on the working time. I usually spend 2 minutes as I read books on mobile.

02. SIM card lock settings:

The SIM card can be called the heart of mobile communication. It also contains various personal information. Account numbers, many mobile numbers, balance money, internet data can be used by anyone if they do not provide security. To give the security of the SIM go to Settings, go to Security. Here you will find the set up sim card lock option. In this section, you should first set a new pin with the default pin 1234. However, keep in mind that if you enter the wrong PIN 3 times, the SIM will be locked and you will have to open it with PUK code.

03. Mobile Tracking:

Google has launched Find My Phone to help you find out if your mobile is lost or stolen. So if you get lost or stolen you can use this option immediately. But in this case you have to turn on the option. First go to Google Apps and go to Security. Go to Android Device Manager options here to see if both options are on. If not then you have to turn it on.

04. On-screen notification hides:

Personal messages or emails are actually up on our mobile screens which is a problem for all to see. This personal information can be easily hidden by the eyes of others. First go to Settings and go to Notifications. Click inside the gear section next to it. Click on the lock screen option here and you will get 3 options. Make a High Sensitive Notification from here.

05. New fair communication:

If you want to use the internet data of a mobile phone nearby, you can turn it on. You will find this option on the current Android. To get it, go to Settings and click on More options or Network and Wireless options. From here, turn on the NFC option.

06. Online Data Alert:

Using the internet with mobile mind, suddenly you saw that the data has ended up wasting your money. With us, the accident is almost over, and I was angry at the mobile SIM companies. But you can solve this problem yourself if you want. You have to go to the data usage section in Settings. Click on the gear in the Cellular Data Use section here. Here you will receive alert power warning options before data expiry, as well as set the date for expiration.

07. Auto correction:

Writing with mobile keyboards often causes us to misspell our posts or we are hesitant to spell correctly. Keyboard apps have auto correction options to fix this problem. Google has again added this auto-correction feature. But sometimes these beneficial options also cause trouble. What you write may be different to auto correction. To solve these problems, you must first go to Settings and Language and Input. Go to Virtual Keyboard and go to G-Board. From here enter the text correction and turn off your troubleshooting options.

Another free giveaway tips. Go to advanced option of G-board option and turn off share usage statistics and share snippets. You certainly do not want Google to store the words in your personal conversation on its server.

08. Data saving mode:

If you wake up thinking that mobile data will run out too quickly, turn this option on. Click on Google Chrome browser menu and go to Settings and turn on Data Saver mode. It will compress and load all your browsed pages.

09. Chrome Flags:

In the Google Chrome browser, type chrome: // flags, then type in the search section of the flags home, enable the home option after searching. Now see your Google Chrome getting a new search bar again below. You can also get different settings from here that will make your Chrome usage more comfortable.

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